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Newton's Laws of Motion in Football

No description

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Newton's Laws of Motion in Football

Newton's Laws of Motion in Football
By: Isaiah Frion & T.J. Nevison
Newton's First Law
Newton's first law states that an object thats moving wants to stay moving and an object that's not moving doesn't want to move. An example of Newton's First Law in football is throwing the ball. When the QB puts forward force on the ball and then lets go, the ball wants to keep moving forward. The more force he puts on the ball the more inertia it will have. And the more mass the football has the more force has to be put on it.
Newton's Second Law
Newton's Second Law states that objects with more mass require more force to move. An example of Newton's Second Law in football is tackling. Bigger players require more force to move. And smaller players require less force to move. The more inertia and mass the object has that is moving the other object, and the less friction the object that is being moved has on the ground will make it easier to move.
Newton's Third Law
Newton' Third Law states that if there is an action there will be equal and opposite reactions. An example of Newton's Third Law in football is stiff arming. when you push another player away from you while running. It will push them away while also pushing you away from them. The force of the other player moving at him force is put on the player too. Also how much inertia the other player has increases the amount of force put on the player stiff arming.
The End
Thanks For Watching
When he puts force on the ball then releases it, it continues to fly forwards.
When he pushes the ball forward and releases it will continue to move.
He needs to put more force on the other player than a chair to move him because the player has more mass.
A big football player has more mass than a smaller football player so he will require more force to be moved.
when he stiff arms he pushes the other player away from him and him away from the other player.
because he pushes the other player away the other player moving at him also puts force on him.
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