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Teaching Grammar

Teaching Grammar in the Saturday Program

Pilar Bravo

on 20 November 2010

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Transcript of Teaching Grammar

Discuss and reach clear understanding of two different approaches that exist about how to teach grammar.

What is Grammar? The study of what forms / structures are possible in a language
The study of how language components –i.e. texts, sentences, words and sounds – are arranged and patterned

A study of the syntax and morphology of sentences

A tool for making meaning Why teach grammar? Linguistic creativity
Clearer / more effective communication Reduced fossilization
Easier transmission
Students’ expectations and needs When grammar is taught ductively, the teacher... ...explains the rule to the learners.

...provides NO CONTEXT or COMMUNICATIVE PURPOSE for the grammar.

...focuses on form first and then meaning. ...drills students to learn the rule mechanically. ...assumes all responsibility for student learning When grammar is taught inductively, the teacher... ...allows the learner to formulate and discover the rule. (“to induct”) ...provides a CONTEXT and PURPOSE for use. ...focuses on meaning first and form second.

...helps learners discover the rule through meaningful
...empowers the students to problem solve and learn how to learn a language. How to teach grammar to young learners? Guided discovery
Comprehensive, rich input
Fun exposure to language in use
Presentation: in context and through songs, stories, games, listening exercises.
Practice: listening, writing, speaking and reading.
Mistakes: opportunities to learn, not to frustrate.
EFFECTIVE LEARNING: What's the secret? Conclusions on effective inductive lessons A clear and interesting CONTEXT
A purpose for the grammar in communication. Showing the grammar pattern clearly, frequently, and naturally in context.
Keeping meaning and communication in focus (not just form) Requiring learner to communicate using the new grammar OBJECTIVES Explore both teachers and our program’s principles and beliefs concerning grammar.
Demonstrate understanding of the way we find appropriate to teach grammar by means of a practical exercise. TEACHING GRAMMAR Thanks!
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