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1.05 Energy Assignment

Note: Newton's Balls hits the ball is what the cut out words say. This assignment was interesting.

Avrion Davis

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of 1.05 Energy Assignment

1.05 Assignment
Question #1
The Rube Goldberg device included in the lab is, an example of a closed system because all of the matter (such as the string, the ball and the books) stayed in the area. However the potential energy, that was stored in the ball on the high shelf and suspended weights as well as the stored mechanical energy of the sling shot, had left the system in the form of sound, motion and heat. Now, take a look at the device you created and explain what type of energy system (open, closed or isolated) is represented by the lab device and why?
Answer #1
My device is a closed system, because much like the lab example, my device's potential energy also left the system with sound, heat, and motion. The string, ball, and Newton's balls can be an example of how matter stayed in the device.
Answer #2
You open the cap/lid to allow the thermos to convert into an open energy system.
Question #2
In the lesson a thermos is presented as an example of an isolated energy system. How could you change the thermos into an open energy system?
Question #3 & 4
Describe how the law of conservation of energy is demonstrated in the device you created.
Answer #3 & 4
The weight, acceleration, and position of the newton's balls is what gives life to the device. There is also the factor of the gravity on the ball and the weight and gravity on the 15lbs weight.

The ball in front of Newton's balls and the 15lbs weight that is suspended are both examples of potential energy that will convert into kinetic energy.
Describe two places in your device where potential energy is converted into kinetic energy
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