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Inspirational Person Assignment

No description

Derek Eggertson

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Inspirational Person Assignment

I discovered Isaiah and his story due to my love of basketball. He was an extremely talented player that was on display during March Madness leading his Baylor Bears to the Sweet Sixteen. His ability to play at such a high level while being blind in one eye was truly amazing. I continued to follow Austin in his path to the NBA and was devastated to hear the news about his rare condition.
Isaiah's Inspirational Qualities
His ability to overcome obstacles
To be strong in the face of adversity
Playing basketball at such a high level
To handle every situation with calm and poise
To give back to family and community
Making other people around him happy
Isaiah Austin
Isaiah Charles Austin was a former NBA Draft prospect and Baylor University basketball star.

Isaiah has a prosthetic right eye due to a detached retina rendering him partially blind. He did not disclose this injury publicly until January 17, 2014.

Recently he has been diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome which will make him unable to play basketball ever at a high level without lethal health risks.
Inspirational Person Assignment
McDonald's All-American Player 2012
Jordan Brand Classic Player 2012
Adidas Nations Player 2012
ESPNHS All-American Elite Second Team
ESPN's No. 3 recruit in America
2013 All-Big 12 third team
2013 Big 12 All-Rookie team
2014 Big 12 All-Defensive team
2013 NIT Champion
The Things Austin Inspires Me to Do
To not fold under pressure
To make do with what I have
To keep pushing your own limits
With practice anything is possible
To have a good support system
Try my hardest all the time
To stand tall when things crumble around me
1.Yahoo Sports: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaab-the-dagger/genetic-disorder-ends-the-career-of-nba-prospect-isaiah-austin-181730781.html
2.NBADraft.net: http://nbadraft.net/players/isaiah-austin
3.Bleacher Report: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2089650-seeing-is-believing-half-blind-isaiah-austins-unique-journey-to-the-nba-draft
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