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No description

Nathzy Race

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Pitch-up

Organization structure
Pitch box Material
Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Become number one smartphone dock provider
Mission Statement
-Be the main supplier of durable and portable sound amplifiers in the Malaysia
-Develop and keep improving the sound quality of the amplifiers.
Company Details
Manufactures premium phone docks
Currently selling to the Malaysian market
Target market
-KL, Penang, Johor Bahru
-Young adults who own a smartphone
Dock features and benefits
-Standing dock for phone
-Charging in style
-Elegant appearance added to the phone
-Sound amplifier (No power needed)
-Dock amplifies phone sound
-Doesn't need any kind of power
Pitch-box Product
Company Name:
Address Headquarters:
Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
Pitch-Up (Premium Phone Dock Retailer)
Level 31 Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
(603) 2443 6238
(603) 2443 6233
Company Details
Company Staff
-Strong plastic
-Comes in multiple colors
-Light because of Matte finishing
-The heat-resistant up to 150 °C or 200 °C
-Mechanically strong
Pitch-up Packaging
Eco-friendly packaging
-Packaged by
PPASIA Media Packaging Sdn Bhd
Located at PJ Trade Centre, No 8, Jalan PJU8/8A, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820, Petaling Jaya
- Technical Department will design the Pitch Box
- Research and Development will carry out the prototype testing
Projected Sales in Volume
Market Analysis
Majority of people own smartphones
Expanded the business of smartphone’s accessories
ABI research in New York,
-Smartphone accessories industry earned $20 billion in 2012

Market Segmentation
Market Share
Key competitors of phone dock amplifier’s
Samsung 3d rabbit
Competitive Edge
Foster strong relationship with our end-users
Better Research and Development
Providing a 24 Hours toll-free hotlines
Competitive Edge
Pitch will focus mostly on the potential customers from the market segmentation

Pitch-Up will keep up to technology advancement

Marketing effective at low costs
-Free social networking applications
-Facebook, Twitter
Sales Strategy
Management team will ensure their duties and responsibilities are performed well and efficient.
Sales Forecast
The bar chart above illustrates the sales goals of Pitch Up from the retailers for three years.
The bar chart above illustrates the total sales of Online Stores for three years.
Pricing Strategy
Penetrating pricing marketing strategy
-Offering a low price for a new product
-Attract customers away from competitors
-Increase brand awareness
-Increases both market share and sales volume
Advertising and Promotion Strategies
Sales promotion
Giving out special prizes such as limited edition Pitch-Box, discount vouchers
Youtube advertisement
Upload video commercials to youtube
Product review videos
Social network advertisement
Facebook, twitter, Vine
Switch Outlet
Buzz Marketing (word-of-mouth)
-Interaction with the consumers about the product

-Held on campus (students chosen as the ambassadors to promote the Pitch-Box)

-Universities of interest, Multimedia University, Taylors University, Sunway
Digital marketing
Use of electronic devices (computers, and smartphones) to engage with consumers
Switch Outlets is a premium smartphone and accessory retailer
-They will be our official retailer in the contract agreement of 5 years
- More convenient for the consumers to get our product directly from an established retailer
- Switch Outlets are easy to be access
- They provide great services to their customers
- Cost-efficient
Web Plan Strategy
Pitch-up will have an official website (pitchup.com/my)
-Showcase the latest designs and patterns of the Pitch Box
-Management can communicate effectively with the consumers and suppliers
-Show promotions, and where next fair will be located
Website features
-Easy navigation
-Organized product images
-Linked with the pitch-up Facebook fan page and Google+
Management Description
Director: Theang U-Vern
Financial Manager: Chua Shu Yi
Accounting Manager: Chew Shiang
Advertising Manager: HoKah Yin
Public Relations Manager: Kyazze Nathan David
Distribution Manager: Riyad Adel Misherghi
Sales Manager: Elena Ezzaty Azman
Product Design Manager: Lina Athirah Binti Kamarudin
Information Manager: Marliana Binti Manay
Allocated budget to all sectors of the company
Responsible for preparing a yearly sales budget
Responsible for preparing the merchandise purchase budget as his duty is to monitor the movement of products.
Determines the company’s strategic objectives and policies
They aim to improve the way that existing products work and look and/or produce them at a lower cost.
Manages the financial activities and develops and distributes internal financial reports.
Gains understanding and support for clients as well as to influence opinion and behavior.
Responsible for consulting with clients to determine how to improve market share and sales.
In charge of distributing necessary information to clients or company employees
Management Description
Organizational Structure
Financial Analysis
-Manufacturer produces final product
-Manufactured by Arcadia Concepts International in China
-Marketing Department responsible for product launch
-Also in charge of online advertising
Projected sales to retailers for three years
Advertising and Promotion Strategies
SWOT Analysis
1. Flexible
2. Short communication lines
3. Low selling price
4. high motivated team
1. No brand awareness
2. (No) stock
3. No experience
4. Product relatively unknown
5. Time restricted
1. High price substitutes
2. Many selling channels
3. Competitor’s products hardly available in physical shops

1. Threat new entrants
2. Competitor’s products available at popular websites

Product Summary
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