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social trading

No description

sumeet gadodia

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of social trading

Money on his Mind But What IF Lets Make Social Network Experts and Novices can Come on Single Platform They can be connected And Share Ideas They all
Copy Expert Expert Trades His Trades gets Automatically Copied Into Copiers Account Novices Earn Money They don't need to Track Experts Works Anywhere, Anytime Trades Are Real-Time Experts Earn from Novices Novices share Profit Experts are Rated Based on Performance, People following/copying Rating Decide Profit Share Top Traders come on the Top Customize Copy Match Your Need Risk Control Be Sure Search Traders And See Trending Companies Finally, Enjoy Trading There are
Many like them Connecting Traders Confusion Watch TV for Expert Advices Buy Tips Ask Friends Search on Internet Buy Mutual Fund Still, No Clear Idea Makes Mistakes And Losses All are Novices Numbers are Hard to Understand So What Next?? Question Is There A Platform With Correct Timely Credible Information About Trading Social Trading
Platform He is an Expert Question But,Problems Lots of Ideas Tips Strategies Less Money For Investing So Whats Next?? Is there a Platform Where He Can Share Contribute Trade Information And Earn Money Where to Invest?
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