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Getting to know Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

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Renita Burch

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Getting to know Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Getting to know Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Mary Lou Allison Gardner Liitle
Dorothy Hanley Whiteside
Vivian Irene White Marbury
Nannie Mae Gahn Johnson
Hattie Mae Annette DUlin Redford
Bessie Mae Downey Rhoades MArtin
Cubena McClure

Founders are the seven pearls
Sorority started off as sorority for teachers
Founded sorority because the sororities at Butler U excluded African American
International Officers
Grand Basileus: Bonita Herring
First Grand-Anti Basileus: Deborah Catchings-Smith
Second Grand-Anti Basileus: Emmanuela Ebunilo
Grand Grammateus: Ronica Mathis
Grand Tamiochus: Vanessa Tyson
Grand Anti-Grammateus: LaTonya Nelson
Grand Epistoleus: Tiffany Hightower
Editor-In-Chief: Glyndell Presley
Affiliate Clubs
Rhoer Club
Young girls ages 12-18
Work closely with their local graduate chapter
Educational, social, and cultural experiences
Philo Club
Friends of Sigma
Auxiliary to local graduate chapter
Women who do not have a college degree
Service Projects
Project Reassurance
Mwanamugimu Essay Contest
Program for Africa
Project Wee Savers
Sigma Youth Symposium
National Marrow Donor Program,
Hattie McDaniel Cancer Awareness & Health Program
Act Against Aids Leadership Initiative
Steps For Program and Event Planning
Step 1-Assess Resources
Step 2-Assess Needs and Interests
Step 3-Brainstorm Ideas
Step 4-Develop a Time Line
Step 5-Reserve Space
Step 6-Develop a Budget
Step 7-The Paper Chase
Step 8- The People Chase
Step 9-Details
Step 10-The Event
Step 11-Evaluate
Step 12-Documentation
Step 13-Start Planning the Next Event
-A plain uninterpreted royal blue and/or gold dress or skirted suit.
-A white dress or white skirted suit.
-A black dress or suit (something you could wear to a business meeting).
-A formal dress that is either royal blue or gold.
-A quality shirt, free of stains or wear marks bearing the name “Sigma Gamma Rho” and/or the according greek letters for casual functions, such as picnics and step shows.
-Optional: A gold business suit and dress.
Sigma Symbols
-Each symbol represents a characteristic of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority incorporated
-The Official badge created by Cubena McClure
-The Coat of Arm's: Lamp of Learning, quill, a serpent, two stars, skull and crossbones and the faces (bundle of sticks with an ax
-Sorority flower: Yellow Tea Rose
-Sorority Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
-The French Toy Poodle: classy, sophisticated and friendly
Sigma Image
Corporate Image: Or reputation describes a manner in which a company, its activities and it's products or services are perceived by other.
The Sororitys Image: Sigma Gamma Rho's image is a powerful of telling the public certain things about us such as the type of people we are interested in and the level of Pride that the members have in the sorority.
Each member adopts the image of a sigma women. Sigma women are thought as intelligent, professional, hard working, actively dressed women who shares a tight sisterhood.

Defining And Characterizing Sisterhood
Sisterhood is used among feminist to express
the connection of women who are not biologically related, but are bonded in solidarity
10 Tips on Sisterhood:
Just say hello and acknowledge a new sister with warm eye contact and a smile
Move outside of your comfort zone
Learn to see beyond the vsuface
Just keep it real- be yourself
Learn to be a good listener, read positively between the words, and read unspoken language
Learn to laugh with someone, not at them
Have a good cry with a sister
Soread the love, because you are love
Reinforce sisterhood because sisterhood is good
The essence of sisterhood
Stage 1: teams is formed and members needed. they learn what the team opportunities and challenges will be. Members will agree on goal and assign actions.

Stage 2: individual expression of ideas occurs open conflict between members. Tend to focus on details rather than the issues and compete for influence.

Stage 3: team develops work habit that support group rules and values.
They used established tools and methods; exhibit good behaviors; mutual trust, motivation and open communication increase; positive teamwork and group focus is shown

Stage 4: high levels of loyalty, participation, motivation and group discussion making. knowledge sharing, cross-training, and interdependence increases. the development of plans and strategy

Stage 5: finalizing stage as they celebrate and recognize group achievement. leadership needs to emphasize organization gratitude and both team and individual recognition.

What We've Learned
We gained team building experiences through rigorous trials at hand. Not to mention we broadened our knowledge of the sorority and what it means to be part of it

Gained understanding of what it means to be a woman of sigma gamma rho sorority inc. in respect to the foundation of the sorority, community service initiatives, mastering the image, and joining an everlasting sisterhood.
Sigma Attitire
Team Development
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