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Stem Changing Verbs in the Preterite

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jordan devlin

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Stem Changing Verbs in the Preterite

Stem Changers in the Preterite By: Eriko Wong, Jordan Devlin, Michelle Uh, & Emily Boles Common Pitfalls Words With Multiple Vowels When Conjugating, Remember... Translate "Sandal Verbs" -Sandal verbs only stem-change in the preterite. 1) Mi amigo __________ (preferir) comer pizza de vez en cuando.

2) Los estudiantes _____________ (competir) en los deportes a la escuela. 3) They slept last night. Verbs like competir, preferir, and repetir with multiple vowels stem change at the vowel closest to the -ir ending: -"Stem" changes only in 3rd person singular/plural (el/ella/usted & ellos/ellas/ustedes) Warm-up Comer Nadar Stem Changing Verbs in Preterite Conjugate in the preterite tense. Servir comí comiste comió comimos comisteis comieron Pedir Two Kinds of Stem Changers nadé nadiste Pedí nadó Pediste nadamos E to I Pidío nadais nadaron serví Pedimos serviste sirvió Pedisteis servimos Pidieron servisteis sirvieron competir
pedir O to U *Sandal verbs can only have -ir endings* morir
dormir Practice Sentences -They only change in the el/ella/usted and ellos/ellas/ustedes forms. 4) The teacher repeated the lesson yesterday. Practice Ellos durmieron anoche. El maestro repitió la lección ayer. prefirió compitieron competir competí competiste compitió competimos competisteis compitieron -Only stem changes with -ir verbs (not -ar/-er) Quiz -Are not "boot" verbs; they only stem change in the "sandal" Morir morí moriste murió morimos moristeis murieron Preferir preferí preferiste prefirió preferimos preferisteis prefirieron Stem changers are only in _____ verbs. -ir
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