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Getting Ready for the Interview - Careers Centre - Turramurra High School

No description

Andrew Harrisson

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Getting Ready for the Interview - Careers Centre - Turramurra High School

Getting Ready for the Interview
Make a list of
things that are shown during this clip that are
not appropriate
to do in an interview situation.
1. How is a bad first impression made by the girl?
2. How do we know that the girl does not prepare herself for the interview?
3. What we should do correctly in regards to mobile phones at interviews?
4. List three things that the boy does well in his interview.

How is the girl with the red hair not acting appropriately at the interview?
Body Language
Record the typed suggestions made in the next clip.
A humorous look at preparing for an interview to create a memorable impression.
Interview Attire.
Write down 2 tips made in the following clip.
Don't Kiss at the Job Interview
Interviews can be very competitive
The Illogical job interview
What aspects of the job interview do these people make fun of?
Identify 2 useful tips from the following clip.
What are two things that Sheldon does wrong in his interview?
* Make sure you can explain everything on your resume.

* Arrive 10 minutes early at the interview so that you can gather your thoughts and relax.

* Get a good night's sleep before your interview so that you can think clearly.

* If you're not sure about a question the interviewer is asking, ask them to explain or clarify that question.
* Some interviews will take place one on one with an employer.
* Other types of interviews will require you to attend a 'group interview' first, before being called back for a second interview.
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