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Script Writing Format

No description

Monty Simo

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Script Writing Format

Script Writing Format

It's standardized
Programs to Get Going
Final Draft
Why This Format?
3 Most Commonly Used Elements
Presentation Goals
1) Demonstrate the Value of using Screenplay Format
Your biggest obstacle and resource.
Descriptive Text
or Slug Line
INT. Interior
EXT. Exterior

Location Description
Day or Night
MS Word
and the list goes on
I've created a template download here for free
Or email me
This is the program I know use and love. Industry standard, or at least it was when I began writing.
Gaining Popularity
Everyone speaking the same language throughout production alleviates misunderstandings.

Tool for Entire Process
Great for Actors Finding Lines
Building Shooting Schedules
Estimating Duration of Screen Time
1 page = 1 minute
Submissions to Studios
If not this format your script will get tossed as fast as a resume with spelling misstakes.
2) Provide 3 Practical Tools
The formatting has been boiled down to the basics, for practical communication of story/script. Exact formatting should be employed if you are to submit your script to a studio.
Example - I say dialogue should be centered, when really it should be indented an exact distance from the left margin.
3) Reminder of the Cardinal Rule
Cardinal Rule
AKA Action
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