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Megan Swayze

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Pre-eclampsia

By: Megan Swayze

What is Pre-eclampsia?
-Sudden, sharp rise in blood pressure
-If untreated can lead to eclampsia.
-mother can go into convulsions, coma, or die.
Signs & Symptoms
-Hypertension ( high blood pressure)
-Proteinuria (protein in urine)
-Swelling in hands, feet, ankle and face.
-Blurry vision, headaches, vomiting.
-Fetus can have poor growth
What are the causes?
-Experts are unsure.
-Problem with development in placenta.
-Tests to come back positive
-high blood pressure, protein in urine.
-Blood tests
-Non stress test
-Can't be cured until baby is delivered.

-Placenta abruption
-Cardiovascular disease
-Poor blood flow to placenta
-HELLP (Hemolysis,Elevated, Liver enzymes and Low Platelet) count
Liver and blood clotting disorder.
1 in every 20 pregnancies can lead to pre-eclampsia
-10-15% of women have high blood pressure during pregnancy.
-Second leading maternal death in UK.
-Women 40 years old.
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