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No description

Angel Zuchowski

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Australia

Angel Zuchowski
2) In 1901 the Australian flag was first flown and represented their pride and identity.
2) The three elements on the blue background of the Australian flag are, the Union Jack, the commonwealth star and the southern cross.
3) Australia consisted of six separate colonies until the 1890's.
3) Australia ran there own separate armed forces.
3) On March 12, 1913 Canberra was born.
5) Government type,Population, Name of continent.
5) Australia has three systems of government which are federation, a constitutional monarchy, and a parlimentary democracy.
5) Australia has eight states and Territory Parliments.
5) Australia is governed by a ministry headed by the prime minister.
5) In Australia there are two chamber common wealth Parliment to make laws.
6) Australia's population was 23,892,789 on September 10th, 2015.
6) Every 1 minute and 45 seconds there is a birth.
6) Every 3 minutes and 25 seconds there may be a death.
6) Every one minute and 22 seconds an overall total population of one person.
7) Australia is located on its own continent.
7) The roots of the continents name is "Unknown Southern Land".
"Bondi Beach"
9) "Bondi Beach" is a popular beach in Australia and also among the worlds most well-known beaches.
9) "Bondi Beach" has big waves and that makes it perfect for surfing.
9) "Bondi Beach" is one of Australia's most popular beaches.
9) "Bondi Beach" is about one kilometer long.
"Port Jackson"
10) "Port Jackson" is also known as the "Sydney Harbour."
10) "Sydney Harbour" has a total area of 21 square miles.
10) "Sydney Harbour" is one of the world's finest natural harbours.
Sydney Opera House
12) There is a total of 1,000 rooms in the Sydney Opera House.
12) "Since opening the opera house, the queen has visited four times."
12) In the Sydney Opera House there is three restraunts , a cafe, an espresso bar, and opera and theature bars.
12) Sergei Prokofiev's war and peace, on September 28th 1973 was the first opera performed at the house.
Australia Day
13) "Many people have a day off work and use the day to picnic in a park.
13) Some other activities they do i shopping and play\watch sport events.
Canberra Day
13) Australia day was on Monday January 26th 2015
14) In 2015 Canberra Day was on Monday, March 9th 2015.
14) "Canberra Day is a public holiday that celebrates Canberra's official founding in the Australian capital territory."
14) Some entertainment that they have on this day is exhibitions and displays,sporting events,music,film,dance,theatre, celebrate in the park- Canberra's biggest birthday party.
Natural resources and climate
17) Compared to the northern hemisphere Australia's weather is opposite.
16) Some of Australia's natural resources are coal, Iron Ore,Gold,Bauxite,Uranium and Natural Gas.
17) December to February is summer.
17)March to May is Autumn.
17)June to August is Winter.
17)September to November is Spring.
Vegetation and Land Use
Australia's History Timeline
Many old restrictions and regulations are disbanded
"The landmark Mabo judgement by the high court finds Australia was never empty land and insects the legal doctrine of native title into Australia law."
"A spectacular Olympics in Sydney is followed by a decade of a land drought in many parts of Australia."
Scientific Timeline
21) "Australian government's Malcolm Mclntosh Prize."
21) "The Australian Academy of science's Pawsey Medal."
21) "Vainu Bappy Medal of the Astronomical society if India."
Famous People
23) Jason Olsen is a landscape painter.
23) "Errol Flynn was famous for romantic swashbuckling roles in the 1930's and 1940's."
23) '' Patrick White won the 1973 Nobel Prize for literature."
18) "Woodlands,scrublands and grasslands grow in drier areas, and the driest areas are covered in deserts."
18) "Climate and topography and other factors affect vegetation."
19) In 2006 the Agriculture was 61.5 %.
19) In south Australia in 1960 the total area of farms was 62.95%.
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