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Cocaine Re-Wires Your Brain

No description

Aysha Chaudhry

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Cocaine Re-Wires Your Brain

"The finding suggest in which way the drug leads to drug seeking behavior and continued drug use."
Cocaine is a additive narcotic drug derived from coco leaves or synthesized
Dendritic spines are small protrusions that initially process most signals transmitted to the brain.
First Series
The mice were given a cocaine injection
The cocaine treated mice grew new dendritic spines
Second Series
Observed the rodents before injections and two hours after injections
After two hours mice were developing new dendritic spines
Third Series
Performed over a week
The mice are left to explore chamber
The cambers had distinctive characteristics
The mice are given cocaine in the chamber they did not prefer
Mice were let go and chose which chamber to go in
Cocaine showed rapid growth of new brain structures associated with learning and memory.
Neurons which are directly affected by cocaine use, have potential to bias decision making.
This research suggest how drugs fuels further drug seeking behavior.
"The animals that showed large quantity of dendritic spines [...] showed the greatest change in preference towards the chamber "
Cocaine Re-Wires Your Brain
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