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Leadership Class Final Project

No description

Ciara Brannan

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Class Final Project

My Service Project For my service project, I spent my time volunteering at the local assisted living home in my town. While I was
there, I would help out with whatever they needed that day. Sometimes I would help in the kitchen with lunch, or
act like I was a waitress. Other times I would assist one of the ladies that worked there by helping her go room to
room checking on the residents. Then there were my favorite times were I just got to sit with the residents and
talk and listen. It made my heart melt sometimes, just being able to be that person there to hear there story or
watch them in amazement as I told mine. The results I received, was just the warmth inside me knowing that
every time I went in volunteered, I took a little more stress off of the people that work there by helping, and then
the love I got from the residents that will leave an impact on my life forever. *What was the smartest thing you did on this service project? Will you do it again next time?
-The smartest thing I did on this project was just
went for it without hesitation. Yes, I will do it every time.

What did you learn about the issue or problem you chose to work on?
- There was really no issue in my project, It was more of me doing something to help people feel better on the inside.

Did you meet new people? How are these people important to your community?
-I met tons of new people. This people are important in my community because they are all someones mom, dad, grandma , grandpa, brother and sister. They all mean something.

Did the actual service turn out as you expected? How so?
-Yes it did. I went into wanting to change peoples life's and I cam out of it not only changing peoples life's but changing mine as well.

Do you feel your action was valuable to the community? Why or why not?
-It may not have been of so much value to the community, but I know it meant a lot to the residents and there family that I spent countless hours with.

What do other people think about your project? What have they said to you about it?
- My family was so proud to hear that I was doing what I did. They think it was very nice to do something like that.

In what ways has this service project affected you?
- It has effected me on the inside by knowing that for those hours I was there spending time with people it most likely made there day.

What can you do to help this service project grow and continue?
-To help the service project grow and continue I can encourage my friends and family to go with me and volunteer.

Will you continue with this service experience?
-I think I will continue with this.

What will you do differently in future service projects?
-The only thing I think I will do differently next time is have more people come with me.

What was the best part of working on this project?
-The best part of working on this project was seeing the smile on the residents faces when I was there.

*Is it important to be involved in your community? Why or why not?
- Yes, It is important to be involved in my community, if everyone helped out, we could make it very good.

*Does the work done by citizens make a difference? How?
-The work done by citizens most deffinenlty makes a difference. When the people come together we could make a lot of changes. First day of
Scrubs! Mrs. Evelyn! Nancy and Mrs. Dotty! Micheal
& his family!
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