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The Great Gatsby: Who Is Most Responsible for Gatsby's Death

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Hannah Lileikis

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: Who Is Most Responsible for Gatsby's Death

In conclusion, everyone had their part in the death of Gatsby. The minor contributors were Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson, leaving Tom more responsible than Gatsby and Myrtle but Daisy Buchanan most responsible.
How Is Tom Also Responsible?
- Myrtle is fractionally responsible for Gatsby's death
- Her death resulted in Wilson going after the driver of Gatsby's car
- Unknowing that the driver of the incident was really Daisy
Brief Summary
The Great Gatsby
, Jay Gatsby loses his life to George Wilson. Mr. Gatsby is killed because Tom Buchanan told Mr. Wilson that Jay Gatsby had killed Myrtle even though Daisy Buchanan was the one behind the wheel when Myrtle was struck. Therefore, Mr. Wilson believes that Gatsby killed his wife Myrtle Wilson. George may have pulled the trigger on Jay Gatsby but the other characters have certain roles of responsibility in Gatsby's death.
Jay Gatsby
- Gatsby allowed Daisy to drive his car on the way back to East Egg, passing Wilson's gas station
- After having an argument with her husband
- She dangerously runs out onto the road, Myrtle gets hit by the yellow Royce
- This leads to the ultimate death of Myrtle Wilson
What Caused Myrtles Death?
- Tom's character in the book is seen as arrogant, cold and forceful throughout the story
- "Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand.
Then there were bloody towels upon the bathroom floor, ..." (Fitzgerald 37).
- Generates a conflict between himself and Gatsby
- Carelessly has an affair with another woman while married
- Tom makes the decision on Gatsby's life
Tom's Traits
The Great Gatsby:
Who Is
Responsible for Gatsby's Death?

How Is Myrtle Responsible for Gatsby's Death?
- Tom is responsible, but not most responsible
- When Tom found out about the secret affair between Daisy and Gatsby, he immediately despised him
- "'You two start on home, Daisy,' said Tom. 'In Mr. Gatsby's car'" (Fitzgerald 135).
- Tom learns that the car that struck Myrtle matches Gatsby's in description
- Tom told Wilson who had owned the car, knowing Daisy was truly responsible for killing Myrtle
- He did not let Wilson know that
- "What if I did tell him [Wilson]? That fellow had it coming to him [Gatsby]....He ran over Myrtle like you'd run over a dog and never even stopped his car" (Fitzgerald 178).
*- Tom did not have to send Daisy and Gatsby home early, he could have just waited and have them all leave together
Myrtle Wilson
Daisy Buchanan
How is Daisy
Responsible for Gatsby's Death?
- Daisy is most responsible
- Daisy was driving Gatsby's car
- Daisy was dishonest and did not admit to being the one driving the car during the accident
- "'Was Daisy driving?' [Jordan said] 'Yes,' he said after a moment, 'but of course I'll say I was' [Gatsby]" (Fitzgerald 143).
- Daisy was willing to wait for Gatsby but since Gatsby went to Oxford after the war, he let her down
- She knew about Tom's indiscretions and used Gatsby to get even with Tom
- She compared his [Tom] extreme wealth to Gatsby's poverty
- She caused conflicts between Tom and Gatsby
- Betrays Gatsby, leaving him to flounder helplessly against Tom's spite and anger
- She should have stopped the car after hitting Myrtle like Gatsby had said
- She had gotten flustered after her two lovers argued
- She was nervous and should have let Gatsby drive
*- Daisy and Tom mysteriously left to go on a "trip", did not show up to Gatsby's funeral
Daisy's Traits
- Lacks morals
- Manipulative with her words
- Careless
Presentation by: Hannah, Shianne, Kanwal and Hamed
Quotes from Source
"She’s warm, feverish, thrilling, intoxicating—a siren, an enchantress, a blossoming flower" (Baker 4-5).

"She caused the whole problem by killing Myrtle" (unknown 12).
- Gatsby is partially to blame for his own death
- Putting himself in between Tom and Daisy's marriage, Gatsby makes an enemy out of Tom
- Had an unrealistic idea that he could somehow win Daisy back after all those years
- Gatsby, still devoted to Daisy after being left heartbroken, took responsibility for Myrtle's death
How is Jay Gatsby Responsible for his own Death?
Gatsby's Self Deception
- Gatsby put all his dedication into Daisy to try and win her back
- Nick stated "'You can't repeat the past.'
'Can't repeat the past?' he [Gatsby] cried incredulously. 'Why of course you can'" (Fitzgerald 110).
- Gatsby's wealth and huge parties were all for the pleasure of Daisy in hopes to capture her attention
- Though the chances of winning Daisy back were unlikely, Gatsby put himself in between the Buchanan's marriage
- Gatsby had made himself believe that Daisy loved him more than Tom
- Daisy sobbed helplessly speaking "'I did love him once---but I loved you too.' Gatsby's eyes opened and closed. 'You loved me too?' he repeated" (Fitzgerald 132).
- Gatsby insisted he talk to Daisy alone but Daisy admitted that she can't say she never loved Tom because it wouldn't be true
Tom Buchanan
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