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Entertainment In The 1800s

No description

Brenda Fuentes

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Entertainment In The 1800s

Toy Making & Art People in the 1800s would do loads of things to entertain themselfs to have fun and to be entertained. It's very different from today but some things haven't changed. What people in the 1800s did for fun! Peolple back then would work all day. They mostly
lived in farms and needed to work all day to
support their family and their work aswell. They
would go to bed with the sun and wake up with it. What They Did Games, plays, concerts
& shows People back then would also play games to have fun, Music & literature They would also listen to music. A thing that hasn't They would make toys for the younglings and other crafts.
Some people were Artist, so they would draw, paint, carve, craft, schech, ect, you name it!!! What People Did To Entertain
Themselfs In The 1800s Entertainment In The 1800s have a nice game of hop-scoch, or play marbles. The adults would play the traditional "Bingo" and some more table games.
They would go to plays, shows. or even concerts when they were in town. Much like today, Huh!? especially the kids. The kids would go out to play with friends, listen to Classical music, but they would also listen to other
gernes. Rock music was also pretty big back in the 1800s.
They would also read if they had little bit of free time. changed much at all today. They would normally
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