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Ponteland Pizzas Project: Clare Feechan - 8BF

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pontelandmiddleyear8 pont

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Ponteland Pizzas Project: Clare Feechan - 8BF

By Clare Feechan, 8BF Predominate Ponteland Pizzas Mission Statement Our mission is to accommodate our consumers with specialist pizzas designed for their taste buds, to commit to our consumers and make them always feel comfortable and welcome in a relaxed atmosphere. Staff and Franchise managers will all be treated with equal respect and courtesy, and will offer their full and undivided attention to consumers. Finally, beyond any doubt, to make sure we use the finest ingredients and sell them at a sustainable price that promotes success in the business. Aims .To ensure we make a profit, not a loss.
.To be recognized all over the world as a successful sit in pizza company.
.To sell at least 400 pizzas a day, or more.
.To open 20 restaurants worldwide.
.To only employe staff that have great expertise in a high dining table service restaurant. But to also train our novices to a standard we think is acceptable, so everyone can have an opportunity.
.Most importantly, to make our customers 100% happy with service, meal and overall atmosphere. Objectives Even though the aims seem to appear a bit excessive, we believe that with our strive, dedication and commitment anything can happen. we set ourselves high expectations that we believe we can overcome in however many periods of time.

We will achieve this by, advertising locally, inviting customers into our restaurant, letting them choose whichever pizzas they desire, which will be served with the finest high quality ingredients locally sourced and true to its name.
Serving the Pizzas within half an hour and letting the customers relax in peace. If the customers like the food, service, and restaurant they will recommend it, therefore more consumers and more profit. With more customers, we will evidently sell more pizzas.
Opening 20 restaurants world wide will be hard but achievable, if we become known globally our business will expand.
Our staff will be polite and caring towards the customers, even if they have complaints, they will accept your opinion and will give you a full refund and free meal next time you visit. They never will make you feel not wanted or excluded.
We will make our customers happy by giving them free fries or onion rings when 2 pizzas are bought. By giving them free samples of food we may introduce to our restaurant and asking for their valued opinion of them, ie, pizzas calzone, new toppings for the pizzas etc. Kids gladly can have their drink and dessert included in the price of their pizza. We will never give our consumers food we wouldn't make for the Queen or eat ourselves.
In conclusion, even though this may take a while, predominate ponteland pizzas will make sure it will be viable and will be possible. Evaluation of Logos Pizza Hut's logo is very original and is perfect to represent what kind of restaurant Pizza hut is. It appeals to all the family and meets the requirement of the name 'Pizza hut' as the red hat is supposed to represent the 'hut' and the red roofs' on all the Pizza Hut restaurants have. The text is exquisite and the yellow line could enact the cheese of their Pizzas. I like this logo and it could be why Pizza hut is so popular and well known today. "We let the Pizzas speak for themselves because Pizza grows on trees"
Ponteland Pizzas. How? Market Research Evaluation of Logos continued Mcdonald's logo has very bright, appealing colours drawing your attention towards the restaurant. Two prominent shades, golden and red, are used to perhaps represent its bold nature.Although this may be a fault, as their printing costs will be high. However, they won't have to worry too much about this as they are very popular and will be the least of their worries. The only content in the logo is yellow M which doesn't give away any clues about what might be in their restaurant. But because of its popularity, everyone relates a yellow M with Mcdonalds. The Channel 4 logo is very simple. It has various lines which create 4. It doesn't have very many colours which is quite dull but therefore reducing the amount of costs. Moreover, easily transferable for merchandising and advertising. It is very monotonous and dull but because of its simplistic design is easily recognizable The Everton football club logo is very alluring, willing for your support when they play football. The yellow outline makes the blue stand out and look radiant. 1878 is on their design showing you how long their football club has been running and successful for. Everton is clearly printed at the bottom of logo. What makes a good logo? The main reason for having a logo is to create and reinforce your brand identity. It represents the 'face' of your business and is distinctive enough to separate you from your competition. It may be the spirit of your company.

A good logo has a simple font that is easy to read and duplicate. If it's distinctive enough, the public will associate the font with your company. (You could recognise the McDonald's "M" font, even without any colour).

In my opinion, i think two colours is enough for your logo. It all comes down to expense, especially when reproducing your logo on business cards, letterheads and other forms of printing. It's not a worthwhile business expense to spend money on more than two colours, as you will not see any return on your investment..

A good logo can be adapted for use across all media effectively and remain distinct and recognizable. It has to be memorable, therefore simple, so it is not complicated and too detailed. Social Mission
To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by introducing creative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally, and internationally!

Product Mission
To make, distribute, and sell the finest quality pizzas with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, locally sourced ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the earth and the environment.

Economic Mission
To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our stakeholders, and expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees. Mission Statement Extended To show we care The key to success Market research with thought Make a difference Summary of everything we want to achieve My Own Logos Pizza Menu Review Consider others before yourself I am going to be evaluating the takeaway and delivery company "Pizza Pizza"
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