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Framing FY14 Marketing Projects

August - January

Michele Dutcher

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Framing FY14 Marketing Projects

Framing FY14 Marketing Projects
August - January

High Level Picture of What Needs to Be Done
Email Comm Plans need to be updated for 1st stage of automation (apply linking and topic strategy to all emails like Day Zero Email, update Day Zero)
Add Master's inquiry comm plan (from SIS to IW), apply linking strategy
Grad re-engagement
Inquiry re-engagement
All LPs built in Marketo - 1st stage will use IW forms as Salesforce being set up, then transition over
Create content for use with automation triggers:
white papers
social groups/posts/functionality
videos - additional animated, this year's commencement, sneak peeks and custom, targeted videos
updated/new website pages - home, right nav, about us, military, CPD, career center, etc.
interactive versions of viewbooks
interactive tools - Competitive Compare, Career Program Map, MOOC/Exam Align, Transfer Credit Cost Estimator
infographics, ads, content bars, etc.
Marketo forms created, pulled on to LPs, continue adding LPs for media
Email comm plans moved into new tool, connected to associated LPs
Logic & campaigns for LPs/emails/triggers for automated content needs to be set up for initial automation tests, then tweaked, then launched
OTHER: Admissions & Fin Aid communications, scripts, knowledgebase, logic for systemic recording and prompting
High Level Timeline for Marketing Communication Projects
August -September
October - November
December - January
Update all existing email comm plans with 1st stage automation linking strategy used in Day Zero, update Day Zero (out of SIS, into IW).
Add Master's inquiry comm track (to IW)
Grad Re-engagement - apply linking strategy to continuation emails to prep for automation
Conduct inquiry re-engagement campaign (new progs, inquiry topics of interest, etc.)
Design new LP template(s) that will be used in Marketo
Web sections updates launch - home, about, military, etc
Work w/Bluewolf on automation prep and tool set up
Start work on content pieces (whitepapers, animated videos, social...)
Transfer credit counter widget launches, work continues on interactive tools
Once design approved for LPs, build all LPs in Marketo, testing
Create interactive viewbooks
New tools contract signed, access & training
Work with IT, Enroll Ops, other to get event tracking set up, other tracking?
Usual ad, print, email, newsletter, LP work continues
All Marketo LPs launch for Q2 (using IW forms), phased transition.
Continue work on content pieces (social, video, articles, blogs, etc.)
Complete work on interactive tools, launch when completed
Additional website sections launch (career, etc)
Continue work with Bluewolf
Assist w/Comm Ctr communications, needs unknown until plan provided - scripts, emails and knowledgbase possible
Start creating forms in Marketo and test with Salesforce/Google/new features
Start creating campaigns and logic in Salesforce
Design new email templates to coordinate with LPs
Usual ad, print, email, newsletter, LP work continues
Final system integration testing
Finalize work on content pieces going to be used for automation triggers
LP form creation in Marketo and pull forms onto Marketo LPs
Build emails with new templates, tweak content per reporting
Finalize associated campaigns and logic for email comm plans
Finalize campaigns and logic in Salesforce and Marketo for LPs and triggers
Work with Enrollment Ops to ensure all analytics reporting is in place
Train additional staff in tools
Usual ad, print, email, newsletter, LP work continues
What's Being Set Up and Launched
New CRM: Salesforce
Marketing Automation tool: Marketo
The Hub (w/additional Data Warehouse connectors)
Social Media Manager: HootSuite
Video Creator/Manager:VidCaster
"The single most common cause for marketing automation failure is a lack of attention to detail and process in a marketing organization." ~ act|on
"Any tool is only as good as
the data it houses and the
training of the team that uses
it." ~ Enterprise Today
Some of What Goes into Launching a New Tool
Also during this time, we're launching...
Internal Communications Centers for Admissions and Financial Aid

New Processes, Prompts, Scripts, Knowledgebase, Communications, etc that support these

Will need staff, space, equipment, training, access, licenses, testing, etc.

= Marketing involvement
= Marketing involvement
= Marketing involvement
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