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Ted Shawn

No description

Karlie Gaydos

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Ted Shawn

Ted Shawn
Modern Dance
Ted Shawn's Background
Ted Shawn was born on October 21, 1891, in Kansas City, Missouri.
When Ted Shawn was a young boy, he lost his mother, brother and Uncle over the course of two years.
Shawn and his father moved to Denver, Colorado where he completed high school and attended Colorado University
During his junior year in college, Ted Shawn became very ill with diphtheria.
While recovering from the leg paralyzing disease, Ted Shawn was instructed to dance to enhance his strength
During his therapy he became an outstanding dancer.

Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers
After divorcing his wife, created an all male company
Wanted the world to "realize the importance and dedication of the male dancer along with his role in the arts."
Gave first, historic, performance in Boston
When the group ended in 1940, they had danced in several different countries all over the world
Had changed America and the World's mindset on male dancers
Jacob's Pillow
His Impact
The first American man dancer to achieve a world reputation in dance
Choreographed and appeared in one of the first dance films, The Thomas Edison Company's "Dance of the Ages" in 1912
Changed the outlook in America on male dancers
Created some of the most controversial and skilled works in history
Introduced foreign companies to America

Degrees and Awards
Master of Physical Education from Springfield College
Capezio Award (1957)
Knighthood in the Order of Dannelbrog, conferred upon him by King Frederick IX of Denmark (1957)
Ted Shawn's Ballet Creations
Xochitl, Cuadro Flamenco, The Feather of the Dawn, and Job
Shawn's personal dance solos include: Invocation to the Thunderbird, Gnossienne, Flamenco Dances, Death of Adonis, Mevlevi Dervish, Cosmic Dances of Shiva, Prometheus Bound, The Divine Idiot, Four American Folk Dances, St. Francis
The End of His Life
Stayed at Jacob's Pillow
Died January 9, 1972 in Orlando, Florida
Until he died at 81
Modern Dance
Background in Ballet
After Shawn married Ruth St. Denis, together they founded the Denishawn School of Dancing and Related Arts
Works include:
Julnar of the Sea
Les Mysteres Dionysiaques
Established the principle of Music Visualization
Was in service for 17 years
Came to an end in 1920 due to the economy and issues in his marriage
Ted Shawn
Realized true talent when he married Ruth St. Denis
Famous advice: "When in doubt, twirl."
Encouraged students to call him "Papa"
Jacobs Pillow
Summer school of dance
Jacobs Pillow Festival-America's most venerable and enduring venues for the dance
First two decades- more than 100 new dances (solos & big performances
Moved to LA
Created a modest school of dance
Small company
Three other dancers
Joined forces with Norma Gould
First dance film: Dance of the Ages
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