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Beach United Indoor Classic

The Beach United Indoor Classic was a field hockey tournament that Coach Wendy Gulden and I planned and showcased. The purpose of this tournament was to raise money for a new field hockey league in order to provise more oppertunities for young girls.

Morgan Hodges

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Beach United Indoor Classic

Double click anywhere & add an idea Morgan Hodges Senior Project
Beach United Field Hockey Tournament Senior at FC Beach United Indoor Classic Coach Gulden and I
held an indoor field
hockey tournament at
Norview High School Over 40 teams
Day 1 the U14 and
U16 played and on
Sunday U19 played We had to contact refs,
volenteers, trainers and
a concessions staff We had to set up the
courts contacted local business to donate
raffle items Purpose to prvide young girls
with more oppertunites to
play To provide young
girls with more
oppertunities to
play hockey I have had such a
positive experiance
playing hockey participating in sports
provides a positive
enviorment to help
devolp character To give back to the
hockey community Obstacles I had no idea how complex
a tournament was 2 weeks before the FC
Indoor Tournament was
cancelled Do not use gym floor tape
in Norfolk Public Schools Location Research Paper Diffrences in female
vs.male athletic funding
Title XI The ultimate goal of the
tournament was to raise money
in hopes of providing more
oppertunities Responsibilty Punctuality Work Under Pressure Grow Up Be Dependable Growth
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