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Confederation Bio Assignment: Edward Barron Chandler

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safaa blanca

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Confederation Bio Assignment: Edward Barron Chandler

Confederation Bio Assignment: Edward Barron Chandler
Pursing Confederation
Conferences they participated in?
Attended conferences in London, Charlottetown, and Quebec, and that led him to Canadian confederation.
Edward spent plenty of time at the Quebec confederation conferences in 1864 arguing with Sir John A. MacDonald over the loss's of provincial rights.
Want Confederation?
Edward Barron Chandler did support the idea of confederation.
Although, he did not like the power it gave to a central government.
Edward new that confederation would remove some of the rights of the provinces.
Contribution to confederation
Member of the Executive council from 1843 to 1854.
He was the leader of the government from 1848 until the defeat in 1854.
Built the Intercolonial Railway, and also made the Maritimes join confederation.
Edward Barron Chandler History
He was a New Brunswick politician, lawyer, and judge.
Began when elected to the House of Assembly in 1827 with the New Brunswick politics.
He stayed in the assembly until 1836
Colony/province Represented
Edward Barron Chandler represented New Brunswick.
It began when he was elected for the House of Assembly in 1827.
He stayed in the Assembly until 1836.
Pros/Cons for confederation in New Brunswick.
- Railway would be
paid off
- It would have protection
- Able to establish there
own culture without Britain
in the way.
- There cost line is defended
by the Canadian navy.

- Costs of goods would be higher in Canada, then in the Britain.
- Wouldn't have any say in the choices made by Canada.
-In 1867 the colony joined confederation
with an agreement that they would get better
- One of the reasons New Brunswick joined confederation is that they thought it would help them by getting a large markets of there good.
- Another reason they joined confederation was to have access to the Intercolonial Railway, so they can have better transportation to other colonies.
Why they joined Confederation?
Edward pursued confederation because he thought it would be a good idea to help there colony grow and have more advantages to his colony.
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