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Arizona using Intel

biggest accomplishment most difficult challenges

Lillian Hritz

on 6 February 2010

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Transcript of Arizona using Intel

Some participants begin the PT and MT level courses, but do not finish.
A plan is being developed to hire teachers to review Unit Plan and submit them to the Learning Resource Manager in the state portal. Other Information to Share Biggest Accomplishments Most Difficult Challenges Intel
Arizona The Arizona Department of Education required Intel Teach training of all competitive ARRA 21st Century Classroom Grant applications. June 1, 2009, the Arizona Education and Business Coalition (ABEC) awarded the Arizona Department of Education & Intel with "Best Overall" award in the area of Best Practices Business-Education Partnerships for Arizona's Intel® Teach program. ADE/Intel Partnership also won an award for "Best Practices" in Professional Development Business Education Partnerships.
ABEC Award
In April 2009, an Arizona Senior Instructor, created the online environment for the Elements Project Based Approaches (PBA) course using Google Sites for the 10 participants, who completed the course. There were 14 registered participants, two dropped before the course began and two dropped after the first week. During the fall, the SI Team supported the creation of the Up-level course for the Essentials Online Course and Thinking with Technology so that Intel Teach participant-level teachers could be certified as a Master Teacher of Essentials Online and Thinking with Technology. Online Course for Elements Project Based Approaches (PBA) Creation of the Up-level course for the Essentials Online Course and Thinking with Technology Recruitment Retention Resources It is difficult to recruit districts and have teachers commit to between 32-65 hours of course work.
Through an increase of Leadership Forums, Administrators are seeing the value of the program, but have no resources to support teacher participation in the courses. Adobe Connect Webinars are used to reach teachers across the state to support teachers taking the online coursess. Also promotes team-building as one Sr Trainer supports the other during these webinars
Arizona recognized Intel Teach Senior and Master Teachers during a state conference:

Allen Swanson (Pima County ESA)
Ann Lumm (Maricopa County ESA)
Carol Elders (Graham County ESA)
Michael Gammill (Laveen District)
Steve Napier (Greenlee County ESA)
Valerie Quarto (Cochise & Santa Cruz County ESA)
Neil Manzeberger (Yavapai & Mohave County ESA)
Tammy Dewan (IDEAL)
Bonnie Feather (Flagstaff District) Webinars to Support Online Learning Master Teacher Recognition Unit Plan Examples Pre-service Faculty Review NAU (Northern Arizona University) faculty was trained in Jan 2009

ASU (Arizona State University) will be trained in May 2010

U of A (University of Arizona) is planning for Spring or Summer 2010
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