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Absurd Person Singular

No description

Andy Wang

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Absurd Person Singular

Absurd Person Singular
A Comedy

The characters analysis (2)
Eva: Geoffrey's wife. In the first act is talking about her addiction to anti-depressants and her difficulties with her husband Geoffrey. The second act is her main performances. Because of the mental disorder, she always wants to kill herself. By the third act she has recovered, dispensed with her addiction to pain-killers, and appears to be teetotal (or at least a much lighter drinker, refusing alcohol even though she's not driving). And she has also taken control of her relationship with Geoffrey.
In the ending of the play, I think she's lucky. Being in control of her life and her relationship, neither warped by success nor embittered by failure, though she clearly has many practical challenges to overcome.
The characters analysis (1)

He's an architect. He experienced a low tide of his career between the second and third acts. He's a confident man. But, due to his indifference towards his wife Eva may have led to her addiction to anti-depressants, and even to cause her suicide attempts in the second act. At act3, he becomes an utterly broken man. Even no one wants to hire him at last.
The brief introductions of Jackson
Members : Geoffrey, Eva and George

Geoffrey Jackson--- mid thirties, good looking, confident, easy going.
Eva Jackson--- in her thirties, makes no concessions in either manner or appearance.
George--clever dog.
Social class: Higher middle class to Lower middle class.
The Video Clips
Geoffrey Jackson
Eva Jackson
This christmas in the Jackson’s kitchen.
Their kitchen is mess.
Geoffrey almost is talking to himself.
Eva has mental illness. She wants to suicide, but no one make it to be serious.(P55)

Next christmas in the Brewster Wright’s kitchen.
Eva is recovered, she no longer cares Geoffrey like before.
Geoffrey’s building fell down. They become poor.
They don’t like the Hopcroft because the Hopcroft become
rich, but they still have to be nice to them.

Last Christmas in the Hopcroft’s kitchen.
Eva takes pills. (P23)
“prevent me from turning into a raving lunatic”.(p24)
Geoffrey is dating with lots of women, but he still wants tokeep relationship with Eva.
Geoff shows he is unsatisfied to Eva.(34)
Eva thinks she is just a stuff which belongs to Geoffrey
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