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Iliana Perez

No description

iliana perez

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Iliana Perez

My name is Iliana Perez im the third and youngest child of my parents, having one brother and one sister. This was a little bet about me which i really hope you enjoyed listening to. Some of the music i most like to listen is pop. One of my favorite songs is " Calendario de amor" from a group called "Timbiriche" from the 80s. On my only day off, which is on Sunday i like to go to church and spend time with the family. I am a not a very sport girl
though i like to watch games or see people doing sports. something that i really love to do after listening to music is going shopping for clothes or shoes. Those are the only two reasons that can really keep me in debt! we are a family that loves to travel and learn about different cultures. Every year we visit different places in mexico, which is where we most like to visit. We are a total of seven now in my family since
my brother got married this year, and surprised us with the coming of his new baby girl. I am a very outgoing and social girl who likes to meet new people and learn about their lives and struggles, since sometimes you can relate to them. In high school i was involved in a cosmetology program and got licensed in july. I am now working as a nail tech in "Karmen Salon", trying to build up a clientele. We do pedicures, manicures, waxing, artificial nails which is what we most do. I am very interested in studying registered nurse, since i like to work with people. Hopefully soon to graduate with my bachelor's degree and start working at a hospital. this is my first year in college, which im very excited
to start in new stage in my life.
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