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Upland Ecosystem

No description

Ryan H

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Upland Ecosystem

Upland Ecosystem
Abiotic Features Continued
from fire or other disturbances in order to regenerate.
Abiotic Features
1. Pine forests occur in areas with permanent and fresh groundwater. (Fresh Groundwater) 2. Fire required for maintenance of pine forests (Fire) 3. Some hammock trees such as gumbo limbo and mahagony also appear to require openings

Favorite Population
My favorite population are the birds. They live with the plants, decomposers, and other insects such as ants.
A Bird species in Upland: Kirtland's Warbler
Food Chain
This is an instance of a food chain in the Upland Ecosystem (South Florida Rockland)
Food web of upland ecosystem
Food Chain
A food web in the Upland Ecosystem of South Florida Rockland.
Limiting Factors
Some limiting factors of the Upland Ecosystem (South Florida Rockland) are: food, weather, population, sunlight/producers and water.
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