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Where The Red Fern Grows

A book report on Where The Red Fern Grows

Spencer Hedge

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Where The Red Fern Grows

Where The Red Fern Grows Book Report
Chapters 7-14
Chapters 15-20
Chapters 15,16
Chapters 17,18
Chapters 19,20
Chapters 13,14
Chapters 9,10
Chapters 11,12
Chapters 7,8
Chapters 1,2
Chapers 5,6
Chapters : 1-6
In chapter 1, Billy sees a dog fight. It reminds him of when a dog saved his life. He saves the dog ,feeds him and lets him go.

In chapter 2, Billy wants 2 coon hounds from his Papa but he said " They are to much money, why don't you get one of those little dogs."
In chapter 9, Billy says he can't chop any more so his Grandpa comes and teaches him a trick to keep the coon in the tree. The next day Billy goes to the tree and he chops down the tree and catches the coon.

In chapter 10, The coonskin market goes up. The hunters and Billy share dog stories. Billy says Little Ann is smart, helpful and a midget. He says Old Dan fools around and is brave. He also says Old Dan and Little Ann wont go hunting without each other or him. They go hunting tree a coon, and Old Dan. He gets Old Dan out.
In chapter 11, they go hunting and Little Ann falls in ice. Billy prays and he thinks of an idea to hook her collar. He saves her.
In chapter 12, he went to his grandpas store and made a bet with the prichard boys for $2. He had to tree a ghost coon. They went and found the trail and then they chase him to the tree
In chapter 13, they chased the coon then treed it. Billy doesn't want to kill it so they get in a fight. Then Old Blue came in and the dogs got in a fight. Rubin comes in, tries to kill Billy's dogs with an axe but falls and dies. Billy puts flowers at the grave.
In chapter 14, Billy's Grandpa tells him about a coon hunting championship so Billy, his Grandpa and his dad go.
In chapter 15, Billy, meets everyone, enters Little Ann in a beauty pageant and wins and gets his day for hunting. They go hunting.

In chapter 16, Billy skins one, than another then his Grandpa falls in the water. Then they skin another one. In the morning he turned in 3 coons and moved to the final 3.
In chapter 17, in the final hunt a storm comes, they lose the dogs. Then when they found the dogs his Grandpa was missing. His Grandpa had a twisted ankle they got 3 coons treed.

In chapter 18, they get found and found the dogs with a treed coon. They get back with 4 coons treed, win the gold cup and the money. At home he gives his family the cups and money.
In chapter 19, Billy goes hunting and they tree a lion but the lion fights the dogs. Billy stabbed it in the back and it was dead. Back at the house fixing up the dogs Old Dan died. Then 2 days later Little Ann died. He buried the dogs.

In chapter 20, they are moving and Billy goes to see a
Red Fern
between the dogs graves. On the way to their new home Billy says he wants to go back some day.
Chapters 3,4
In chapter 3, he is walking near water and sees a magazine with 2 coon hounds for $50. He asks his papa, he says there still to much money. He works by picking berries and catching animals to get the money. 2 years later he buys the dogs.

In chapter 4, Billy goes to his grandpas store and gets $10 change. The dogs are ready and they are in city. Billy goes the next night. When he's there, he sees a sheriff , plays at the playground where people call him a "HILLBILLY" and buys candy, overalls and yarn for his family.
In chapter 5, Billy went to the depot and got his pups. On the way back he got in a fight with a group of kids because the one flicked the dogs ear. When Billy was on the ground the sheriff saved him and bought him a pop.
In chapter 6, on the way back to the house Billy stops at the water to think of names. He finds names on a tree Dan and Ann.
In chapter 7, Billy wants coon skin to train the pups. He sets out traps, it doesn't work. He goes to his Grandpas store and he tells him about a trap with something metal and shiny and nails. He tries it, goes one day and finds one and trains his dogs.
In chapter 8, hunting season started. They go hunting and chase a coon to a tree. Billy can't climb it because it's to tall. He starts chopping. Then in the morning his parents come to say there worried.
My Thoughts
I thought the book was amazing. I can connect with Old Yeller and how the persons life was saved from the dog then it passes away.
This book is a bought a dog that pees on a red furn to make it grow and they are trying to fin
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