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Event Design

No description

Rachel McKenna

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Event Design

2015 Trends
+ what is coming next for 2016!
Event Design
Full sensory event experience
'Local' Transportation, thinking outside the limo
Design Concepts
Floral Concepts
Collin Cowie Trends
Chandeliers + Pendants
Video Mapping
'Buzz' words for 2015
Wedding Snack Box
Baum + Whiteman Report
Local Update
breweries + Distilleries
Micro Breweries - Garden Grove
Non alcoholics on tap
infusions + simple syrups
Creative Craft Cocktails on the Fly
Belle Blanca
Soft Pop
Playful + emotional
"Soft Power"
Mix of all the senses
Move away from gender, ethnicity and sexual constrictions and stereotypes
Deep Summer
Deep sea, fascination, unexpected
Contrasting materials
Floating or suspension
Ombre color flows
Eco Active
natural and manmade coexisting
avoid loss of ancient cultures
reuse, reinterpret, reimagine
natural, woven textiles
Past Modern
time has become non-linear
old+new=romantic opulence
artistic mash up of Victorian, Mid Century + Contemporary

David Austin
Oversized Arrangements + Containers
Revamp Paper Flowers
Lapis Luxury
Modern Garden
Regal + romantic
Rich colors with metallics
refined and formal
crisp blues and whites inspired by waters of the world
expressive, creative + radiant
bright, bold + dynamic
soft and unstructured
balance of modern + vintage
producing a moment in your life
different styles
not just the wedding; honeymoons, save the date
The Big Picture
juxtaposition - creating intimacy in a grand setting

"setting the atmosphere" Katelyn James

Moving away from tight, detail oriented shots
Katelyn James
Katelyn James
Candle light
Gobos and Break
Up Patterns
Chandeliers +
Pendant Lights
Video Mapping
LED lighting
Old Sport
Belle Isle Moonshine, white cranberry juice, splash of ginger ale mint garnish
Custom crafted
with liquors
Wine Slushies
His + Hers
Tap 26
Wine on tap
26 bottles/keg
Reduces waste
Pantone : Color Pallettes
Floral Buzz Words +
Style Names for 2015
Rustic is now "Frontier"
Modern is now "Metro"
Glam is now "Uptown"
People to Know
The Herrintons - theherrintons.com
Josh Gooden - joshgooden.com
Shaina Koren - shainakoren.com
Katelyn James
Create an experience
blood orange syrup,
cherry bitters,
smoked cherries
"Boozy Milkshakes"
peanut butter banana ice cream, raw honey, candied bacon lardons, bulleit bourbon
bittersweet chocolate brownies + cinnamon, churro crumbles, Patron XO Cafe
Dulce de Leche, Salted
Roaming Oyster Shuckers
Stem to Root Movement

1st Course Revamp
Custom Ice Cream + Gelato

Gluten Free Movement
Craft Breakfasts; custom donuts, ugly biscuits, stuffed pancakes
Sleek and modern meets nature + ancestral
Defined by sophisticated, clean + uncontrived style
May have architectual influence
Art + design meets global travel inspiration with a touch of the exotics
Intense patterns and textures
Rich jewel tones with inspiration from precious metals

Simple + in harmony with nature
Rural and rustic influences
Materials and hues that reflect Earth's elements
How do we envoke a feeling or experience when it comes to events?
Ques from society, pop culture, and nature

Inspiration from people, fashion , interior design, travel, + nature
How do we translate to an event experience?
Setting + atmosphere
Textures + textiles
Decor + lighting
Supplier : FP FLourishes , Vase Source
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