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Rules for Creating a Good Presentation

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on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Rules for Creating a Good Presentation

2. Keywords only!
Slides do not offer endless space

Use keywords instead of whole text

Long texts on slides are hard to read

Reading out the text from slides bores the audience

3. Keep it Clear!

As said before use keywords

Five till seven bullet points per slide

Draw attention to the main aspects

Raise the audience's interest

4. Illustrations Support Content
Thank you
for your

1. Know your Audience
Who are you addressing?

What are their expectations?

Do they have previous knowledge?
Rules for Creating a Good Presentation
5. Visual Arrangement

6. Take your time!
7. Slides should reflect structure
Keep these questions in mind
Slides should not contain the text the presenter speaks because this distracts the audience. The audience's focus is overly stressed by reading long texts on slides without increasing understanding of the presentation. If the text on the slides is read out by the presenter, the audience will likely feel frustrated as the presentation seems redundant.
Talk one to two minutes per slide

Explain your bullet points
Visual clues to speech

round about two minutes speech
Ideal proportion of text and speech if...
Start with a clearly arranged structure

Meet the audience where they stand and let them know where your presentation is going
Present your main aspects and arguments

Be aware to structure your arguments reasonable
Prepare a conclusion

List the main points of your presentation on no more than two slides

Prepare a final slide and let your audience know that your presentation is over
Text and background color should have a good contrast
Corporate design template
Reference points for font and font size
Use Size 20pt for bullet points

And 26pt for headings

Preferably choose between
these fonts

For example...
Use illustrations that support your presentation

Illustrations can be pictures, graphics and photographs

Illustrations create links and help the recollection of the contents
Always be aware of the copyright law

Make sure that you are allowed to use illustrations found on the web
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