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Elie weissels horrific story of what him and his family went through during the holocaust.

Alli Hollar

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Night

Night by Elie Weisell Things We Couldn't Say By Diet Eman Summary Elie Weissel is the
young age of15 when his
family is recruited by
the Nazis in Germany and
moved to concentration camps.
Elie and his father are moved
throughought many different
camps and face many challenges
and hardships. Elie Weissel
recalls history and tells us
about how the horrible event
known as the Holocaust affected
his life forever. I liked This Book Because... I liked this book because it
was very abrupt and to the point.
It gave it's readers very important historical knowledge. I Disliked This Book Because... It not only had historical significance
but told the story of his life also. Some things in the book
Elie seemed not to explain
enough. Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Eilie and his father were sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. This is shown in the picture to the side.The phrase that is on the sign translates into "Work makes you free." I liked both books because they were both personal narratives that had to do with the same event, but were very different stories. I liked both books because... I liked this book because... Summary Diet Eman was a young
tomboy living in the
Dutch city of The Hague
during the Holocaust. Her
father ran a prosperous
interior design company.
One day a man that they
called Koster came to them
and asked if they could house
a young boy named Hein Sietsma.
Diet was not very open to this idea
but came to love him.Together
they risked everything and
saved hundreds of lives. Of it's historical evidence The voice in the story They both had lots of voice. Historicaly accurate It was a very short story with an abrupt ending. Writen in letter form A love story :) I disliked this book because... To be honest I didn't really
dislike this book except for
it was very sad. These are the
camps that many
Jews were sent to
throughout Germany. I am comparing the book
Night by Elie Wiessel to
Things We Couldn't Say by
Diet Eman. This is the Hague where
Diet Eman lived. The two books were both written by people who were actually there. Thanks for watching! The End!! I know that I am not supposed to end a paper with "The End" but I did not know because this is a presentation. :)
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