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Diego Baquero

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Lance Armstrong likes cycling.
Lance Armstrong dislikes being accused about using drugs.
Lance Armstrong likes winning competitions.
Lance Armstrong dislikes losing competitions. He is a very strong person because even after fighting against cancer he still competed.
He always loved sports because after his recovery he quickly returned to compete.
He used to train every day and always did well in his competitions.
He was humble, he had no problem in going outside his in own neighborhood to ride his bike. Attitude towards life Contributions made to society likes and dislikes Lance Edward
Armstrong Main Abilities and personal characteristics He is such a great cyclist that it feels like he never looses.
He is so fast that he could be in last place and win a race.
He is too good at sports to not be known throughout the world.
He was strong enough to survive cancer. He has written a book and he signed many of them.
He has helped many people fight against cancer with the building that he built. Medical Problems Lance has suffered from testicular cancer.
Doctors told him that he should get much rest.
Lance had many doping problems.
People and many cyclism fans thought that he ought to stop cycling. Personality He is very strong minded because he survived testicular cancer.
He is a real role-model to me because he is the best cyclist.
He would never give up, not even en one hundred-mile tours.
He is kind-hearted because he helped many people with cancer.
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