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Chapter 7 Summary

Intro to Business

Nathan Novak

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 7 Summary

By Nathan Novak Chapter 7 Summary
Social responsibility and business ethics Refers to the obligation of a business to contribute to the well being of a community

A business must also take into consideration minority rights. Social Responsibility or preserving the earths natural resources

Some resources are nonrenewable, and cannot be replaced

pollution by humans causes the environment to become dead, and results from some usiness activity.

the EPA tries to prevent this Environmental Protection All workers should have equal access to the requirements necessary regardless of culture.

Applicants cannot discriminate

physically challenged individuals must also be taken into consideration

Age discrimination also cannot be allowed. Workplace diversity The workplace of an employee must be free of hazards and be safe.

Training must be provided for individuals on the job, to prevent harm

The OPA Occupational safety and health Administration sets standards for safety. Safety on the job without both business and employee agreement, then a company cant function Conclusion A Healthy workforce is generally more productive

programs are offered to prevent smoking on the job, and drugs in the workplace.

Workers must agree to clauses that are made to protect them, and the company

Company seminars provide information on eating healthy, and fitness centers for their employees. Employee Wellness If all the workers of a company were socially responsible, and the company was as well, then there wouldn't be a need for laws around business.

Profit makes the entire business wheel keep turning,

Ethics are principles of morality or rules of conduct

Business ethics are rules created by businesses for the way their employees should behave.

Code of Ethics is a statement of rules for guiding the behavior of employees, or members of an organization

The ethical conduct of a business is greatly determined by its top management

Educational programs on ethical conduct are designed to encourage employee honesty and integrity. Costs of Social Responsibility http://business-ethics.com/


http://bsr.org/ Other relevant media supporting the ideas presented beforehand
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