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So you want to build a mobile app?

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Christopher Gunadi

on 17 July 2012

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Transcript of So you want to build a mobile app?

So you want to build an app? Thats great! But there a couple of things you should probably know. 1. The mobile OS world is FRAGMENTED Probably more than you realized... 2. Nobody knows what the future holds... This is what US smartphone marketshares looked like in Q1 2010 And this is what it looked like in April. So whats a company to do? Should we develop natively Or for the web? YES Native Applications Advantages: 1) Standards will always trail innovation
Native Apps will have earlier access to new hardware features such as NFC 2) Well-Written native applications will typically be faster than their web-based counterparts 3) Native Applications allow for integration with system features as well as other applications 4) Overall provide a more polished and appealing
user experience Disadvantages: 1) Each platform requires a seperate app 2) Many hoops to jump through in order to
publish or update the application
(The Google Voice App for iPhone took over a
year to be approved!) Web Apps Advantages 1) Write once, publish everywhere 2) Easily updatable 3) No Download Required Disadvantages 1) HTML5, as a standard, is incomplete 2) No access to certain features
(NFC, Push Notifications) 3) No standards for certain features
(Location-Based Services) In short, the answer is... Ultimately, HTML5 based WebApps and
Native Applications are complimentrary. So web apps or native apps? And what it comes down to is the types of features you want to provide. Lets take a look at What the big guys are doing. Apple kicked off the
"app-revolution" in 2007 Currently they provide the most
developed tools for development and distribution "Theres an App for That" pretty much
sums up their approach. Google does apps too. But often times a webapp is also available Facebook loves HTML5 The fact that they don't provide an iPad or Android tablet app is a testament to their faith in the web. And then theres "Project Spartan"
A Mobile OS/App Platform on the web Outside the Mobile sphere,
ChromeOS provides some insight in to what they think about the web http://youtu.be/TVqe8ieqz10
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