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Pinky Aiello

No description

Katie Gannon

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Pinky Aiello

Pinky Aiello entertainer, storyteller, presenter Also known as Pinky the juggler First Deaf woman Professional Juggler Born in The Bronx, New York
Born Deaf
Went to the Model Secondary School for the Deaf
graduated in 1985
lives in Hawaii About Work New York City with Deaf Dance group called Dancers, Theatre etc.,
Cleveland at the Sign Stage Theatre
NTD's Little Theatre of the Deaf
Universal Studio in Los Angeles
Six Flags
DeaFestival Performing Has traveled all around the world
currently on tour as a full time entertainer
comedy continues to study Deaf culture and American Sign Language
currently pursuing her certification as a Certified Deaf Interpreter with the goal of working as a Deaf Advisor, Deaf Consultant, International Signer, Platform Interpreter, and Deaf/Blind Interpreter
Supports AFA (Audism Free America) 2 books and a DVD
Princess and the Pea
Pinky Tells The Real Story: Videophone & Video Relay Service. "In this series of dramatized vignettes, she explores the world of video relay interpreting from both the Deaf individual's and the interpreter's perspective, with her own special brand of humor." The End Pinky at 2009 AFA Rally
Her sign reads,
"Alexander Graham Bell, Father of AUDism, STOP AUDism Now!"
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