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Link Crew: Training DAY

No description

derek haugland

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Link Crew: Training DAY

Link Crew: Training DAY
Where We Goin'
Orientation (today's focus)
Monthly Meetings to Plan (like this)
Weekly Dodger Time Check-Ins
Student Monitoring (Academic, Social, etc.)
Study Tables around Term Checks
Ninth Grade Activities
service projects, college visits, etc.
Dodger Time Curriculum Involvment
Link Leaders take ownership of month to month goals, activities, and purpose
Class Selection Process
Much, Much, More...
Orientation Schedule - Discuss Detailed in a minute

Goals for the Link Crew Leaders on Orientation Day
Create a relationship with all of the freshman in your crew
Get everyone in your group talking and participating
Make sure that they feel comfortable and confident about their first day of school
Make the day a fun and meaningful experience
Be a positive example and role model for the freshman
Work well with your partner(s)
Be outgoing

Know Your Kids

Meet the Crew: Write a Bio
Get Shirt, overview orientation schedule, Prepare for Orientation
And the Adventure Begins...
Goals for Today
Link Crew long term vision
Freshman Orientation Plan
Learn how to deal with Freshmen
Get ready for Orientation

Welcome Link Crew!
Just The FACTS
What is it new students should know?

The straight forward common ones...
how do I get my lunch account working?...

To the less thought about...
where can I go number two without having to see the person at the sink before their are no doors?...

Develop the Freshman FDSH Handbook of FYI answers!
Club Rush & Tours
Familiarize yourself with the activities, clubs, athletics, organizations, events, and extra-curriculars students have available

Industrial Competions
Club Teams v. School Teams?
When are the Seasons? etc....

Know the building...classes, nurse, attendance, Court Liason, Aux Gym, Pool, etc...

Dealing with the Students
What is Link Crew?

Get people to get trusting each others and opening up!

Name Games
What'd you do this summer
Two truths and lie
Would you rather

Other Icebreaker activities...
Today's Plan
What do each of the words mean for you as Link Crew mentor?

How do these shape your role as a leader of this year's ninth grade class?

Ultimately, what is a link crew mentor?
What is YOUR role as a Link Crew
Orienation Rough Schedule
They Show Up
Make them feel welcome and special!
Large Group Introductions
and Welcome in Auditorium
Link Crew Take Over
Get to know games/Team Building
Just the Facts - High School Know How

Eat, leave, and get ready for First Day of School!!!
Building Tours & Club Rush

Get them understanding how school works!
Walk through classes then lunch line
Read the scenerio
Discuss factors invovled
Discuss how you would react, what you would do, what other questions or issues are there, etc.

Work to be done...
Learn roster, contact/introduce/invite, make name badges.
Give a snapshot of who you are, what you do, what you like, etc...
Next step: Orientation Day Preparation
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