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Sixth Grade Secrets

No description

Paige Pomranka

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Sixth Grade Secrets

Sixth Grade Secrets Characters Climax READ THIS BOOK Conflict About the Author The main character, Laura Sibble, can be described as the trustworthy and nice because she has never told a lie. If would lie she would have to get her hair cut. That is why her hair is so long. In the beginning of the book, Laura 2 friends (Allison and Tiffany) were at a garage sale. They were looking around. Laura finds a hat that says "Pig City." Laura buys it. She wears it every day. Laura Sibble starts a secret club at school. she calls it Pig City after a funny hat she always wore. To be in the club, Laura would make you give her something totally embarrassing as "insurance". She promises to keep the insurance secret, UNLESS someone blabs...... But now there are two secret clubs at laura school and the person who's the head of the new one is Gabriel (Laura worst enemy after they had a HUGE fight over who was lying about what the note said.
and now nobody's secrets are safe...... There is a guy named Gadriel in Laura's class that has a huge crush on her. One day Gadriel was starring at Laura wondering "what is Pig City" so he decide to write a note thinking she would tell him. He wrote" Hey Laura, I know all about pig city. Don't worry, I promise not to tell anyone. You have a lot of hair. Your humble servant Gabriel" thinking it was funny. So after school he put it on her desk and left, he wasn't the last person out of the class. There was all so a girls named Sheila. Sheila hated Laura, it made her sick to look at her. So she grabed the note after Gabriel left and erase part of the note and wrote " Hey laura, I know all anout Pig City, Of you don't kiss me I will tell the whole school. You have ugly hair. Your humble servant, Gabriel. The next morning Laura saw the note. After the note she was mad, she didn't know what to do. Louis Sachar wrote so many books. Most of his book are 3-5 graders but there is some 3-8 graders book like this book. He is known as “Louis the Yard Teacher." Who can keep the secret? I choose this photo because it describes Laura hat. Book by: Louis Sachar
Project by: Paige Pomranka
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