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Warrior Cats

Not Finished Yet

Sarah Vander Beek

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of Warrior Cats

I really liked Spottedleaf... Before she died... But Sandstorm did go better with the warrior cade and with Firestar. While kittypets begged... ...And loners faught... The forest had Clans! Every clan cat faught for survival and to save their clan... Some survived... some didn't... Some still live today. ...For most of the time... Some of the Warriors Are Definite Favourites of Mine: LIFE OF CATS... Some Big, some Small. And I will always love squirrelflight for her enthusiasum and energy... And she is great for Brambleclaw! It is so stupid that he is STILL mad at her for lying, but she should have told him the truth about the kits in the first place. Stormfur will always be a favourite. It always seems as if he has the courage and energy to go anywhere, at anytime. Even though he thinks he likes Squirrelflight... He definetly likes, and goes better with Brooke. Even though his father was the treacherous Tigerstar of ShadowClan, Brambleclaw only recieved his fathers looks. He has no ambitions, and always thinks he has to prove something because of his heritage. He is definetly one of my faves because you kind of feel bad for him and for his sister and also because he is heroic and energetic, sweet and loving. Nothing like his father. Squirrelflight is perfect for him. She should have told him the truth from the begginning, but how long can you hold a grudge? Leafpool will always be one of my faves, even if she goes for a WindClan cat. She is just like her mother, Sandstorm, always patient and kind, but also like her father, Firestar, on the inside sometimes. She can be frustrated or scared, demanding and sweet. She will be a very good medicine cat. She is always ready to help someone in need. And always has Spottedleaf by her side in case she needs help. Especially when she gave birth to Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. Leafpool had to give them to Squirrelflight, and Squirrelflight lied and lost her mate. Sandstorm has good taste... Firestar is perfect for her! She is definetly a fave because of her skill, knowledge, courage, strength... and life. I'm, so jealous! LOL Tawnypelt is awesome! She is always ready. She's not born into ShadowClan, but chose to live there. She was one of the four cats chosen to find a new place for the forest cats to live, and was with them till the end. She is one of my faves because, she's fiece, humorous, and i also like her because of her attitude and strength. Brighheart is just plain amazing. She survived the dog attack and became a warrior even though she had fierce injuries, from when she was an apprentice, with the dog attack. Swiftpaw wasn't so lucky. I like Brightheart because of her strength, knowledge, and talent in surviving. LOL Cloudtail is... Stubborn. But he is still one of my faves because of his loyalty to everything he cares about, his strength, his humor, and his willingness. If something or someone hurt something or someone he loves... that someone or something is in trouble. Crowfeather is awesome. You defintely feel bad for him after all his mates died except Leafpool and Nightcloud, but Leafpool is a medicine cat, and Nightcloud can go die in a hole. Crowfeather has always had his loyalties split, but he always manages to remain loyal to his Clan. Crowfeather was one of the four chosen cats to go on the journey, but was the only apprentice chosen. Squirrelpaw(Squirrelflight now) tagged along anyway, so he wasn't the only apprentice on the journey. He is so loyal! He is one of my favourites because of his loyalty, courage, braveness, and you do feel bad for him for loosing two mates. Feathertail had amazing courage while she was alive, and while she is in StarClan. She will always be one of my faves (dead or alive) because of her courage, faith, passion, and just her personality. She became Crowpaw's(Crowfeather's) first mate on the Great Journey, but died saving his life from a mountain lion. Bluestar was such a noble leader. She was confident, loyal, understanding, brave, and very truthful. Those are only some of the reasons why she is one of my favourites. Lionheart was and amazing deputy and warrior. He would have been an amazing leader. But that obviously was not his destiny. He is one of my faves because of his loyalty, faith, and courage. Whitestorm was a noble Clan cat. I was not surprised Firestar wanted to give him what he deserved even though he was about to go join the elders. So, Whitestorm died as a deputy, in the battle against BloodClan, and actually picked the next deputy and used up his last breathe. Graystripe became deputy right after Whitestorm died. Whitestorm is on of my faves because of his courage, loyalty, and willingness. Graystripe is such a loyal cat that when he was captured by twolegs and tried to be made a kittypet, he insisted on finding his Clan, miles and miles and miles away. He took Millie, a kittypet(soon to be warrior) as his mate, because of her loyalty to him and her courage and bravery, alot like Graystripe actually. She will make an extrememly good warrior. Graystripe is also loved because of his humour. These are only a few reasons why he is a fave. Millie is an amazing cat. She has been loyal to Graystripe ever since she met him as a kittypet. She had lots of courage asking Firestar if she could keep her kittypet name. Even though she doesn't have a warrior name she is still part of the Clan. She is a favourite because of her courage, loveingness, forgivingness and skill. Ravenpaw was smart to leave the forest. Barley needed a friend, Tigerclaw was out to kill him and MAN! did he have amazing friends to help him get away. He's always welcome in ThunderClan, but when they moved, he wasn't sure what he should do. But he decided to stay with Barley. He is still loyal to ThunderClan, just not as a Clan cat. He is full of willingness, courage, and joy. He is definetly one of my favourites. Yellowfang will always be one of my faves. She killed her own son to save many others. What else could she have done? She was an amazing medicine cat with a sharp tongue, but she was very loyal. Tigerheart is my favourite cat of all time. He is amazing! Even though I am only on Sign of the Moon, I know that he is going to give up the Darkforest. I don't think that he used Dovepaw at all! It is so stupid that she brakes up with him. I only know that because I read some SPOILERS stuff. Dovepaw and Tigerheart were meant to be... Sorry Dovepaw, love you but, your stupid. Did I mention that I LOVE him!? Ivypaw is also one of my faves because she had the courage to go back to the Dark Forest to spy, even at the risk of her life, all for her sister. She even was about to kill a dead StarClan warrior to prove her loyalty to make sure she could spy for her sister. Dovepaw is so lucky to have such a willing and brave sister. Firestar= the best leader of all time!!! All the other Clan leaders are like "Yeah, Firestar, the soft one", yeah well how do you describe the fight against ShadowClan, then Blackstar? Fierce! ThunderClan won bigtime! Firestar tries not to spill blood unless needed too, but seems to get blamed for it. Onewhisker (star) was one of my faves but when he started treating Firestar like that and being mean, he turned out to be one of my least favourite cats. Firestar is strong, loving, careful, courageous, meaningful, thoughtful, kind, caring... That is why he is one of my faves. Stonefur Mistystar Mistystar and Stonefur are both amazing cats, I can totally believe that they are kits of Bluestar. I never got to read about Mosskit,really, but I know that she was a wonderful kit. I think that if Stonefur and Mosskit hadn't died, that all three of Bluestars kits would have become leaders at one point. Stonefur died the life of a warrior, saving his apprentice and his sister by refusing to kill them at Tigerstar's comand. Bluestar was very proud of him, even though he died fighting Blackfoot(star) and Darkstripe. Mistystar hasn't died yet, and won't die for a long time. She is a strong leader and will be an amazing leader just as her mother. Jingo is a rogue that Squirrelpaw(flight), Crowpaw(feather), Stormfur, Feathertail, and Brambleclaw, and Tawnypelt met on search to find Midnight. Jingo used to be a kittypet but turned rogue after hearing about Sol's Home. She is now leader of a bunch of X-Kittypets and rogues and decides to stay with it to protect htem instead of going back to her humans. She is so brave and courageous. She is sooo one of my faves. Honeyfern is amazing! She died saving a kit from a snake bite. She killed herself for a kit. Self explanatory! Who doesn't like her? She gave up everything! She had a mate, a family, she was a warrior, everything! And she gave it all up for a kit. Poppyfrost is awesome. She is Honeyfer's and Cinderheart/pelt's ssister and has a mate and two kits, she was going through pretty depressing times when she thought that her mate, Berrynose, wanted her sister Honeyfern back, and thought that he didn't love her. I mean, here she is, prego with kits and she starts to think that Berrynose doesn't love her. Depressing! She is one of my favourites because she is loving, caring, brave, confident, and courageous. Berrynose is one of my faves because of his attitude. It is cocky, loving, jinxy, and bratty all at the same time! For some exetremely wierd reason he is epic to me... He is also so brave and has been through alot.
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