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Aurasma: Augmented Reality in the Classroom

No description

Lauren Wade

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Aurasma: Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Augmented Reality: Bring Your Classroom to Life with Aurasma
Aurasma Studio
Bring your lessons to life!
Give your students something to talk about!
Hear them yell, "WHOA!"
Students show their learning

Aurasma Studio is an easy way to create an Aura using the website: https://studio.aurasma.com/login
Auras created in the studio are available on the app.
Classroom Lesson Ideas
Presented by Lauren Wade @teachertatewade
Try it out!
Creating Auras with the Aurasma App
Aurasma Vocabulary
- the content that appears on your screen when you scan a real-world image
Let's make this Aura with the Aurasma app.
Use Aurasma Studio to create this one.
Now You Try!

Then, find an image and video on your computer that you would like to link together.
Follow the directions for creating your aura.
Why in the Classroom?
Used in advertising, print media, catalogs, various types of marketing
Open your Aurasma app and scan the image below!

What is
Augmented Reality?

Digital information layered over the physical world
There are two ways to create Auras:
1. On a mobile device using the Aurasma App
2. On the web with the Online Aurasma Studio
Feeling accomplished?
Take a picture with your mobile device and use it as the trigger image. Do whatever you would like for your overlay!
Book Reviews
Journal Entries
Artwork Explanations
Create Scavenger Hunts
Check for Deeper Understanding
Flip Your Instruction
Interactive Classroom Displays
And so many more!
Open the Aurasma app
Click on the viewfinder
Scan the picture below and see what pops up!
Thanks to @trockr11Tyler Hart for the Aurasma tips! Follow him for additional Aurasma ideas!
Scan this Super Aura
Now try this one!

Try Aurasma with:

the images, pictures, videos, or 3D models that are displayed when an image is recognized by Aurasma
the image that Aurasma will search for to produce an overlay

Channel- In order to get content that is of interest to them, users search for and subscribe to Aurasma channels.
Auras created on the app are NOT available in the studio.
You will sign in to the same account on the Aurasma app and Studio.
Creating an Aura with Aurasma Studio
Upload an image from your computer
*Folders can be helpful if you are uploading for different classes!
Click next
Add an overlay from your computer
Or, click on add existing overlay and add a "hotspot" where you don't have to have an image, but you can add an action to your trigger image
Add actions such as opening up a website
Save & Share!
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