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the interior plains

No description

Liam Neufeld

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of the interior plains

Budapest San
Francisco Interior plains region The Northwest Mounted Police How were people of the interior plains affected by the railway. in 1873 Sir John A Mcdonald created the N.W.M.P to protect the interior plains and enforce rules and restrictions. because the settlers and the First Nations were
fighting over Rupert's Land. The N.W.M.P worked
in cavalries because some fights were to big for
one officer. The N.W.M.P came in 1874 a huge cavalry was sent to sweet grass hill
(Alberta) it was called the great march the journey
was 1500km on horse back the N.W.M.P were now
set up all over this region. more settlers came
because of the N.W.M.P the railway started in 1881most settlers came because of the railway to work and build communities it also gave the N.W.M.P a faster way to travel in bad times. It also added more need for the N.W.M.P because of all the railway crimes
Bison were almost extinct because of the railway people would kill them for being on the railway. The First nation went into a huge hardship because there food was being killed. How Did The Settlers Shape The way of life in the Interior Plains Europeans came to the interior plains region in the 1800`s because the interior plains had allot of jobs and other options. there were lots of settlers that came to this region. The government gave many settlers a home stead and a land that they could farm on. settlers brought many farming techniques that they shared with other settlers. Has Farming and Ranching Changed in the interior plains The fertile soil is very important to our region. It helps to make jobs and food for our community. did you know the first gardens were in the fur trading forts. settlers farmed cows sheep horses and pigs. At first the settlers had small farms but they always got bigger every year How do Natural Resources Shape Communites in The Interior Plains towns were mainly built near large deposits of resources like oil and gas. this region is rich with fertile soil and oil and gas. there are also large deposits of salt, gypsum and potash. Natural resources create jobs for nearly half of the people in this region Bibliography By Liam Neufeld Anonymous work (no author):voices of Canada people,
places and possibilities. Don Mills Ontario Pearson
education of Canada 2007.
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