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Footloose 1984 vs. 2011

No description

Huyana Gonzales

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Footloose 1984 vs. 2011

Footloose 1984 vs. 2011
Overall they both have their own differences, but the director (Craig Brewer) of the remake wanted to keep it as similar to the Herbert Ross original as possible.
Similarity 3. Ending Dance Scene
Similarity 1. Opening
In both movies the opening dance scene didn't change.
Similarity 2. Red Boots
Difference 3. Music
In the remake they enhanced some of the music to make it appeal to the newer generation.
Difference 2. Dancing
The 2011 remake was based more on the dancing, whereas the original Footloose, the 2 main characters couldn't really dance.
Difference 1. Storyline
1984 Original- They banned dancing and rock music because they felt it was inappropriate.

2011 Remake- The ban on dancing and loud music is because of 5 students who went to a party and died on their way home in a car accident.

Plot Summary
1984: Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer
Ren MacCormack moves from big-city Boston to a small southern town where he is expected to change and adapt to his new surroundings . He lives with his aunt and uncle after his divorced mother's painful death from leukemia. An accident, in which five teenagers were killed after a night out, shocked the small town's community. The local councilmen and Reverend Shaw Moore reacted to the incident by banning loud music and dancing. Ren stands up to the outmoded ban and, in the process, falls in love with the Reverend's daughter Ariel Moore.
2011: Kenny Wormwald and Julianne Hough
Bang Your Head
By: Quiet Riot
Black and Yellow
By: Wiz Khalifa
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