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The American Presidential Election

No description

mary meygret

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The American Presidential Election

To run for president, a politician needs to be born in the USA, to have lived there for at least 14 years and to be at least 35. Primaries are organized from January to June: each party nominates their candidate.This narrows the field of candidates before the general elections. States can also elect their candidate with caucuses, it's a place where people gather to debate and to finally vote publicly. At the end of this, each states are reported their results. There are 2 main parties : The Democratic Party and the Republican Party. In August and September are held the national conventions. In fact the Democratic and the Republican parties elect their candidates. At the end are given the 2 names of the candidates. It offers to party members a chance to discuss the candidates' platforms. It also confirms a candidate for president and vice-president. The conventions have been streamlined, with important events and speeches scheduled for prime-time television hours. Obama's poster and Mitt Romney meeting the American citizens. The 2 candidates must campaign from September to October. The party members team up to make people vote for their candidate. The candidates have to convince people to vote for them. They often deliver speeches in states. They often give priority to key states such as Carolina, Texas, Florida... campaigns can be more or less creative too ! (the video below shows derivative products sold to support Barack Obama, here they are Iphone cases. Then comes Election day. This always occurs on the first Tuesday of November. To vote, an American must fulfill some conditions :
Be at least 18 or 17 depending in which states he lives in.
Be an American citizen.
Register himself. American voters go to polls and vote for their favorite candidate putting a ballot into a ballot box. These votes are called "the popular votes" At last but not least, it's up to the Electoral College vote to decide who will win the Elections. Electors of each states will vote for their candidates on December,17th. These votes really do matter. The number of electors of a state depends on the number of districts. 1 District = 1 Elector. The more there are districts the more there are electors. 2 senators are added to electors.Of course, Electors are supposed to vote with the people from their states. A candidate must get the majority of 270 Electoral votes to win the elections. Eventually, the new President is announced to the American citizens.He is elected for a 4- year terms, he can only serves 2 consecutive terms.On Inauguration Day which is on January, he takes office at the Oval Office in the White House. He has to say the Pledge of Allegiance. There is also a parade and balls for the new President to attend. So who will have the honor to say these sentences ? ;) VS Hope you enjoyed ;) That was a slideshow presentation made by Jessica and Marie. The Oval Office A humorous poster dealing with the USA Primaries. A donkey is the Democratic Party's symbol,an elephant is the Republican's party symbol.
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