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Cultural Impact of Soccer in Mexico

No description

Jesus Zamora

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Impact of Soccer in Mexico

The Cultural impact of Soccer in Mexico When Uruguay hosted the first world cup ever, Mexico assembled a team to participate. Since then, soccer has grown in popularity with the Mexican Population. It all began in 1930 Before, their was tons of violence in the stadiums, which would ruin the event.
Soccer teams stood up, and would display a message saying "FAIR PLAY ON THE FIELD, AND IN THE STADIUMS TOO."
After being shamed by their heroes, the violence eventually stopped. Violence Soccer gives a break to citizens of Mexico from The Zetas, the largest and most feared drug cartel in Mexico.
According to the NY Times, there has been over 46,000 drug cartel related deaths since 2006. Drug cartels Soccer games provide a way to go out and have fun and meet new people.
Fans come together to cheer their team on, and all of their problems are ignored for the length of the game.

Soccer also contributes to charities, including breast cancer, poverty, hunger, and many more.
The professional soccer league plays with pink soccer balls in October, to raise awareness for breast cancer. Social event/good for society Most People don't have an education. Their parents have them drop out as soon as they learn to read and write.
Over 20 million people live off of $2 a day. Poverty Sometimes teams pledge to donate a certain amount of money to a certain charity for every goal scored.
Also, individual athletes will host events to raise funds for poverty, or will fund a food bank, anything they can do to give back. Giving back With all that has been happening in Mexico lately, soccer has been a fundamental part to the Mexican culture.
The benefits of playing and watching soccer extend past the field, past the stadium, and into the homes of the Mexican Population. Casino Royale Athletes shamed the casino royale tragedy, which killed 52. So here's its impact
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