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Leather shoes

No description

thames thames

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Leather shoes

History of shoe's
The earliest shoes (sandals) are made in the 7,000 8,000 BCE. It is found in the fort rock cave in US state in Oregon.It is the world oldest shoe.It was discovered in August 2006.This type of leather shoe is called Jotunheimen shoe.The oldest shoe is 5500 years old.There are many people are making shoe's in factory's in the 15th Century.
They start
Future shoes may be allowed to attach to hovercarts. It could be attached to spacesuits to fly in outer space. It can be invisible.
Shoe construction
Leather shoes
by Frankie Kuo

They design the boots for mountaineering or skiing.
The shoes are made with plastic, rubber and leather now.
Under your shoes, where your socks are, insole is the part of the shoe, which you step on. If you take of your shoes' insole, there's a grayish stuff, that's the mid sole.From under your shoe, its the outsole. The heel is where your ankle stays, when you put your feet in. There's a place, where you tie your strings. The bottom-left and bottom-right part of the shoes, is called the welt.
What is leather shoe?
Leather shoes are made of animal skin. It protects your skin from harm, of various activities.
Kinds of leather shoe
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