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American Civil War - CBA

No description

Alejandra Rodriguez

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of American Civil War - CBA

Civil War - CBA
As a group we have come to an agreement, that the south provoked the war.
As a group we have come to an agreement, Lincoln was a great leader. He did his best to keep peace.
As a group we have come to an agreement, our soldiers were brave, strong and mighty,
As a group we have come to an agreement, the women were courageous, sneaky and clever.
Provide background on the causes of the conflict by explaining two or more factors that helps cause the conflict.
The American Civil War would not have occurred if first of all, the Southerners hadn't seceded. The fact that the Southerners didn't want to be part of The 'United' States of America angered the Northerners. Also, the war would have not happened if the Southern soldiers had only allowed Abraham Lincoln to deliver supplies to his troops. If the Southern Soldiers hadn't fired , Abraham Lincoln would have not declared a war.
The American Civil War had many people involved. It was two sides of the United states fighting against each other. It was separated into two country's . It was the Union (the north side of the U.S) and the Confederacy (the south side of the U.S).
Who was involved in the civil war?
The civil war was a conflict between the north and the south fighting over their way of living.
What was the Civil War?
The civil war took place during April 12 1861 all the way to April 9 1865.
When did the civil war take place ?
Where did the Civil War take place ?
The Civil War took place mostly on Confederacy grounds. Although some battles did occur on Union territory. Most battles took place in the state of Virginia and Tennessee.
Events that should not have occurred
By: Emmanuel E, Raquel R, Alejandra R, & Sonora G.
One factor that cause the Civil war were
1.) Uncle Tom's Cabin because when Harriet Beecher wort the book the north read it and they got mad at the Southerner and they wanted slavery to end.Also Abraham even when up to Harriet and told her " your the little lady who started this war".
2.) Another reason that cause the Civil war was when Abraham Lincoln was voted president because when he was voted president the South got scared that he was going to end slavery.
3.) When Abraham Lincoln got voted president this lead to the south seceding . The union got mad because it was a country and half of it just left. so they started war so the confederacy will surrender and come back to the United States.

American history text book ( Creating America)

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