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Dominican of Republic

No description

taylor bailey

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Dominican of Republic

Dominican of Republic
language,of instruction, foreign language taught
The language they speak is spanish and a little english
Language they taught was latin in the schools
10 facts from the list of data
5 schools or universties
.carol morgan midddle school
.Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo
.Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra
.Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo
.Universidad APEC
They all from santa domingo cause its capitial
10 facts from the list of data
.The oldest permanent settlement in the Western Hemisphere is the capital city of Santo Domingo, founded in 1496.
The flag of the Dominican Republic is the only national flag in the world to feature the image of a bible.
The area of the Dominican Republic is 48,730 sq km., slightly more than twice the size of New Hampshire, USA.
Coffee is a national non-alcoholic drink in the Dominican Republic. The most popular Dominican coffee is Café Santo Domingo.
The Dominican Republic has its own currency called the Dominican peso.
Dominicans' greatest passion: baseball. More than five hundred of our ballplayers have been key members of many major U.S. teams.
The national Dominican beer is called Presidente (President).
Catholicism is the predominant religious current in the Dominican Republic.
One of the top ten producers of cocoa in the world. A percentage of the world production of 1.4% (47 thousand tons).
The traditional dish of the Dominican Republic is called the “Dominican flag” and consists of rice, beans and chicken.

.gross enrollment ratio is 0.7 in 2003
.net enrollment rate is 24.7 in 2007
.gross intake ratio, primary,school age total is3.3 in 2009
.gross intake ratio 115.7 in 2011
.drop out rate is n/a
.primary completion total is 34.1 in 2005
.pupil teacher rate secondary is 31.6 in 2007
.pupil teacher rate primary is 44.7 in 2011
.school life expectancy 8.1 2009
.they had a good ratio in 2005 than 1993

Carol Morgan school!
s a private school its a coeducational school which offers an educational program pre-k through 12 grade of all nationailties.The school is governed by 12 mebmbers and a whom are elected for 2 year terms.
The average life expectancy in the republic is 73.1%.
Over 98.1% of the graduates go on to colleges and universities in the united sates ,europe , asia and Dominican of repbulic.
The average literacy rate is 90.1 % out of all population
literacy,school life expectancy and population
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