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Creating A Political Party Assignment

No description

Erin Dagenais

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Creating A Political Party Assignment

The Dagenais promises to put more money into Canada's healthcare system and provide more funding hospitals that need it the most. While also decreasing wait times in hospitals and improving healthcare in senior home. Finally we would like to work with the provinces and territories to decrease the prices of perscription drugs.
Foreign Policy
Economy/ Taxation
If elected we would like to begin to raise taxes in the higher class bracket. We would also like to provide minimum wage for students, instead of having a student wage that is less. Along with that we will introduce more youth jobs, internships and co-op placements. Lastly if elected we would create more benefits for Canadian families.

If elected The Dagenais Party of Canada would implement the idea of progressive discipline. Having the sentence of the offender increase per sentence. We will also have stricter sentences for criminal offences like rape, murder, abuse etc
The Dagenais Party of Canada
Our Party Believes In
Taking Action, Getting Results
By: Erin Dagenais
Equality between men and women
Higher taxes for the higher class tax bracket
Minimum wage for students
Protect Canada's bodies of water
Lowering interest on student loans
To help improve Canada environmentally the Dagenais Party of Canada would like to protect Canada's bodies of water and also introduce
stricter environmental laws. In addtion to protecting Canada's land we will work towards making homes more environmental friendly to reduce the amount of pollution.
Our party would like to increase the cap of how many immigrants that will be expected into Canada, but not the point where it will take away oppertunites from other Canadian citizens.
Upon election, my party will continue to be a place where refugee's can come to seek safety and would like to increase trade with various different countries
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