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No description

kay noon

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of CV

Kayleigh Noonan
2011-2013 Master 1 & 2, Cross-cultural negotiations and Languages
University Paul Valery, Montpellier (France)
Professional Master.
This course includes foreign language competences in English and German as well as cultural knowledge and know how in negotiation, law, project planning, presentations, as well as management in intercultural circumstances.

2011 Bachelor LEA, English and German business communication
University Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux (France)
Bachelor specialized in the application of two foreign languages in the domains of business communication, translation, as well as commerce enabling me to be at ease while using foreign languages as well as practical knowledge in the mentioned domains.
Who am I?
My Goals
00 33 672 48 42 73 (France)
Born: 22 October 1987 in Liverpool (UK)
Nationality: British
Driving license: B
After obtaining my Masters degree in Cross cultural business negotiation, my aim is to integrate a challenging international business with an interest in a multicultural environment.

This would allow me to apply my knowledge in an environment that I feel would enable me to evolve on a professional as well as a personal scale.

Mother tongue
Read, Spoken and written fluently
Read, spoken and written fluently
Good oral and written comprehension,
passable speech
Skills acquired during work experience:
Dealing with private and confidential information (money and documents). Organizing events and projects. Speaking in public at formal events, congresses and meetings. Showing clients availability and respect whilst providing the best possible service. Answering calls, emails, and letters. Fast adaptation to situations and problem solving skills. Coordinating work flow. Working to deadlines. Usage of Microsoft package, power point, prezi and CRM as well as ERP systems. Translating, proofreading and preparing bilingual presentations. Training new employees and creating the necessary instructions. Persistence, patience, teamwork and individual responsibility as well as conflict solving.
I am a keen, hard-working, curious, conscientious and reliable person, who enjoys meeting people of all backgrounds.
I get on well with people of all nationalities having lived and been educated in Europe myself and am capable of working well, on my own as well as part of a team.

I am able to adapt easily to any environment and am willing to learn and face a challenge. I would like to use my skills and experience to contribute positively to any work situation as well as learn from all experience.

I put all efforts into practice in order to give and show the best of me and achieve my goals in my personal and in my professional life.
Owning a ship isn't enough to know the sea.
Feel free to contact me if you require any further information or have any questions concerning my profile.

I look forward to meeting you!
Additional information

I am a member of an association for aid in Burkina Faso
(North West Africa)
Role within the association:
Help in developing the association and developing various projects, organizing events to raise funds and school material, trip to the concerned village (Zam) to create a library and evaluate the medical and material educational needs.
Being part of such an important activity brings personal satisfaction and teaches you a lot about yourself and others. We have achieved a lot over the past 5years and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Spare time activities: I like listening to music, traveling, cultural outings, trips, stamp collecting and most sports (Diving, Skiing, Fitness, Cycling) .

Travels: Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, French Guyana, Portugal, Croatia, Indonesia.
Countries lived in: England (5years), Germany (6years), France (14years), Spain (18months).
He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not
ask remains a fool forever.
Slight not what's near, while aiming at what's far.
These few quotes reflect my state of mind when it comes to learning, discovering and evolving...
Courses taken:

Master: Law, Economics, Finance, Project creation, Intercultural studies, Negotiations German & English , Communication strategies,
Linkedin: Kayleigh Noonan
IT Skills
Excel, Word, Internet, Social networks, Power Point,
Prezi, CRM (Siebel and Caesar Superoffice), ERP system
(order entry, order tracking, invoicing, pricing, stock check), SAP, Docusphere, Lotus notes, Outlook, Intranet.

OS: Microsoft & mac
Bachelor: Business Communication, Law,
German & English Civilization,
G & E Business knowledge, Marketing,
Phonetic: Kay-lee
What can I bring you?!
Young, highly motivated and eager to be part of a company with a purpose; I will invest my knowledge, time and energy in to all given tasks to fulfill them in the best possible way.

My fluency in three European languages enables me to enlarge companies scopes and communicate comfortably.

My curiosity pushes me to take personal time to improve all domains, self teaching is not a problem.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Homogenization of consignment contracts on behalf of W.L Gore within Europe. Identifying contacts, sending, tracing and tracking of contracts. Taking correct measures concerning legal amendments. Archiving contracts and regularly providing fellow associates with updated information.
Aid in customer service area, entering orders, tracking deliveries, invoicing, recalling expiring items.
Event hostess for many different congresses and events, as well as open days (Renault, Citroen, Elite model contest, Grand Hotel de Bordeaux, Vititech, ecological congress, accompanying VIP clients from the airport to their destination). These jobs consisted in helping to organize events, following them through, client liaison, reception, sitting clients, presenting new company projects and introducing speeches, while making the well-being of clients
Quiksilver european headquarters. Replying to mails and phone calls and reference each call to the appropriate contact person. Organizing all parcels and mail and following all national and international shipments.
Internship in the tourist information center of Bordeaux, taking care of internal communication, updating of all data bases, translations (French, German, and English), keeping up with documentation stocks. Answering mail and emails, as well as ensuring the permanent well being of clients through answering their requests in the best possible way.
Hotel Receptionist - check- in / out, taking reservations, answering emails, mail, faxes and phone calls. Verifying weekly intakes, answering customers’ requests. Occasional cover in other areas due to staff absence or a high increase in activity.
Lost and found office in Bordeaux train station. Responsible for dealing with customers in person via mail and on phone. Carrying out all security measures needed. Updating register on daily basis. Dealing with customer complaints. Tracking lost item owners as good as possible. I charge of till and documenting all items.
Responsible for developing and executing joint business plans with assigned key accounts, with the objective of delivery sales targets and profits.
Increase brand share in assigned customers by building excellent business relationship with customers via solution selling. Main point of contact for these key customers.
Negotiate on price with customer to ensure the total volume and profit target are met.
Build up strong relationship with customers by high quality services and solutions.
Co-ordinate with internal business support from chef, Push teams RD, Channel Marketing and related functions in order to ensure smooth and efficient operations to support the business growth plan.
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