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How did Italians impact Australias food culture?

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Scarlett Sinclair

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of How did Italians impact Australias food culture?

How did Italians impact Australia Culture?
How did Italians impact Australias food culture?
How did Italian arts impact Australian arts?
Answer to Question 1
Answer to question 2
Back in history, Italians had many of the worlds most famous and talented people. Italians introduced many arts and talents such as architecture, music and drama into Australian society. Artists such as Picaso influenced the Australian arts, as new colours, textures and styles were introduced. Vincenzo Duble' was a barber, who invented new tools that could be used daily.
Answer to Question 3
Italians are known for their sporting ability in both women and men. Throughout WW2 the Italians introduced soccer and tennis. These Italian originated sports have influenced Australian sport heavily. Now we have the grand slam, Australian open and even a soccer team (socceroos). The Australian sport custom has never changed so heavily before.
What impact did Italians have on Australian sport?
The Italians have transformed the Australian food culture very heavily. Before Italians came, Australia had very little food supply. Italians introduced olive oil, spaghetti, pizza, pasta, cappicinos, salads and wine. Wine is an influential part of Italy, which changed Australia forever. In Australia we now have a lot of Italian restaurants. The Medediterranean now consists of olive oil, salads pasta and wine.
Answer to Big Question
As you can see Italians impacted
the Australian culture very heavily. This is because the Italians impacted the food, sport and arts of Australia. The Australian culture has never changed so heavily before.
Thank-you for listening
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