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James Carlson

on 1 September 2012

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Transcript of BarcampMilwaukee4

BarcampMilwaukee4 Open Agenda Law of
Two Feet Schedule If you are not getting or giving value where you are, you use your two feet to go somewhere else.

No apologies, no hesitation, no disrespect! You propose the sessions you want to lead
You vote on the sessions you want to attend
You propose sessions for others to lead
We combine sessions and plan the schedule
Then the day begins! Propose Vote Merge/Combine Schedule 10am: Kickoff + Intros

11am: Session Planning

12pm: Lunch

12-5pm: Sessions

5pm: Dinner

6-9pm: Sessions Please tell us quickly: The team James Carlson Kevin Ciesielski Feedback Join the Community: Key Themes Sponsors What's Next? Statistics Welcome! What is your name?

What do you make with technology?

What session will you lead?

What do you want to learn? Map 10am: Breakfast

1130-1215: Session 1

1230-115: Session 2

130-215: Session 3

230-315: Session 4

330------: Checkout Saturday Sunday parking lot Chase Ave. Bucketworks
Distance Software
Hentzenwerke Publishing
Fresh Coast Ventures
Paladin Web Services
Redpoint Technologies
TA Design LLC
OnMilwaukee.com Milestone R/D Labs
Brazen Careerist
2XL Networks
DJH Solutions
Quintessential Mischief LLC
MC Services
James Carlson
Phil Gerbyshak
C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions
Insomniac Development LLC
Pehr Anderson and a hugenormous thanks to
Mike Doro and Industrial Properties LLC they gave us this space for $1 Jenn Turner Ashe Dryden Matt Gauger Pete Prodoehl Gabe Wollenburg Curtis Gibeau Brad and Scott Willet Main Entrance Stairway
entrance Elevator omen en Creative Commons Buckat Room You may be: Photographed
Copied I got whuffie
by open-licensing
my stuff! Tiffany and Lauren Jeramey Jannene Rachel Kenison Wifi access: BarcampMKE
Open no password
Do not torrent
Do not hoard Try to stage your uploads The Larkee's Sam Dodge: svdodge: web design, media, photo/video/audio, learn with tech;
Jeramey Jannene: make websites for clients, buy and sell textbooks, make hyperlocal place blogs; Wordpress/Flickr/Social Web; Learn who you are, what you do, and steal your power!
Chad Lawson: Make people happy with tech; training, ambassador; find out how people really use tech; that "one moment" from "cool to expert";
Arlen: Make software; web apps; UI design; want to lead the HTML 5/CSS3 Techniques session, Intro to Joomla, Intro to Git
Kevin Ciesielski: All tech, media, photo; Google Reader session; Co-Working with and without Pants
Jeff: Web tools, website development, Video Editing, lead session on Web2.0 Tools, Wordpress, Joomla CMS, Plugins, How to Build Wordpress Templates Pledges Milwaukee Spotlight
Student Film Fest Bucketworks
New Location Makerspace
Passport BarcampMilwaukee
5 Web414 Meetups Introductions What have you noticed today--if this is your first time?

"Just because you are new doesn't mean you shouldn't
participate. Doing a session was better than any Christmas present I've ever gotten. The spirit is good, better than other things." - Dan

"I like the group feeling, the shared dynamic--the unpalpable thread that binds us all." - Jordan
"It's really welcoming, even if you come by yourself"
"I like everyone meeting each other, networking--the group dynamic"

What did you learn?
"Adrenal programming?"

"My second time--since the very first BarcampMKE. It's great to see how much this has become and grown and how professional the sessions are."

"I went to the first one too, I love to see that it's still going strong--but I miss the door."

"I see this as more as a smorgasbord of knowledge." 5x your money! Tax-deductible! Support good programs! You don't have to pay today! Just pledge! Create a national network of maker/hacker/co-working

Create a 'universal' membership to these spaces

Make a physical passport with stamps and everything Bucketworks was destroyed by a flood in June 2009

We will open again in Nov 2009

We want to make it the best hacker/makerspace ever! 4th year

Only film festival focused on highschool students in Wisconsin

68 movies from 11 states last year

Give away $15,000 in prizes during 2 day screening festival

Arrange mentoring relationships

2 students so far have gotten full scolarships Monthly meetups hosted by Gabe

Tech talk,

Make and talk,

Demo and learn!

Help us sponsor food, remote speakers for the 2010 season Bigger, better, more!

October 2010 See James if you want to pledge Cross site scripting is a scary subject

I liked the HTML5 / CSS presentation

Hadoop distributed filesystem is sweet

I been watchin' this cool prezi stuff

Got to learn about some IT startups in this area
that are pretty impressive--one is updating Asterisk to do TelephonyIP

Greg's 508 session had some great takeaways

I found out what happens on Saturday night after 9pm at Barcamp

I learned what Adobe AIR is because someone mentioned it Enjoyed HTML5 session with Arlen! Will's estimating session was also great I learned that Google Wave is just as cool as I thought it might be--take conversations into documents more easily I learned about Plexi and GIT I learned a lot about Aduino yesterday I learned how to make my favorite restaurant even more popular by using cross-site scripting! Even the ubergeeks of Barcamp chose the not-the-best software for the Barcamp website Met some people I've never met other than twitter, and learned about Facebook Connect I learned that Github and Prezi are really neet! And we can do an open source Prezi! American Science and Surplus is the place to go for all your kaleidoscopic needs! Learned more about blender, fixing models, makin' 'em look better, etc. I loved the RDuino session; I've been waiting for a Google Wave invite Even at a tech conference I can find someone to talk to about writing I missed a lotta really cool stuff yesterday Want to learn about everything! Don't try to schedule a politically sensitive topic opposite the Geeks and Sex session The Cross-site scripting stuff was great Google Wave maybe interesting after all
Prezi is Sexy I learned how to get rid of 12,000 queries on my userprofile signup, which will improve performance Even twitter can't compare to talking about sex What did I learn yesterday? I was in interactive sessions--the photowalk, the music video--so it was a more experiential experience than a learning experience--but it was a great day. Rduino session--more more more! Nice to see Google Wave firsthand, and to put people to avatars and usernames because I can't make it to regular meetups during the months. I learned that this is only 5 mins away from our house so Bucketworks should move here. And that I need something between Drupal and Wordpress. Being silly is good for you! I learned yesterday: better steps for brainstorming, and I also re-discovered my passion for writing. I learned that I can still facilitate the Barcamp event! Google Wave is going to be very interesting, I learned that I really like talking about writing I want to echo what Doug said-- the whole taking in of everything--I took a lot of photos in the Free Portrait Studio, and I learned a lot of photo stuff from Sam, and some video things from David Overbeck;
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