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Copy of Making Assumptions: Mr. Walker

No description

Liz Blinn

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Making Assumptions: Mr. Walker

Making Assumptions:
Am I married?
What kind of car do I drive?
1997 Poniac Grand Prix
What kind of pets do I have?
My family has a dog
What's my favorite individual activity?
I enjoy biking, playing and watching sports, and being outside.
How old are my parents?
Both my parents are 53.
Ms. Krautbauer
What area of the country did I grow up in?
What is the furthest away I have been from Austin?
MN...Twin Cities area. Born in Waconia/Victoria
Do I have kids?
Yes! You will meet him a little later ;)
How many bedrooms does my house have?
3 Bedrooms
How long have I been teaching?
I did student teaching in 3rd grade and 8th grade math and social studies. Last November I started here at I.J Holton. This will be my 2nd year!
How old am I?
I turned 23 on July 3rd
What was my favorite elective class in high school?
These were my favorites: 1.Choir 2. Home economics 3. Industrial Tech
What kind of grades did I get in HS?
What kind of grades did I get in college?
Bemidji State University and Winona State University
A's and B's
A's and B's
Extracurriculars I was in..... Basketball (3rd- 10th grade), Dance (3rd and 4th), Volleyball (7th grade), Softball (8th grade), Showchoir (11th-12th grade)
What do my parents do for a living?
Do I have any bad habits?
I'm loud and talk or fidget with my hands a lot.
Where did I go to college?
His name is Chandler (yes after the T.V show Friends)
My dad is a Supply Chain Analyst (whatever that means). My mom is a nurse at a group home.
Jessica- Special Ed. Teacher
Nikky- Music Teacher
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