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Drug Abuse by Mirand Hartnell-Rivard

No description

Kim Fuentes

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Drug Abuse by Mirand Hartnell-Rivard

BY:MIRANDA PUT YOUR HANDS UP People use drugs because they are TYPES OF DRUGS Types of bad drugs are grizzly, cigarettes, and alcohol.
Before you think it is okay to try a drug, think of the consequences. It's Hard To Stop Sometimes people get addicted and can't stop using the drugs. Don't do it Sometimes, young people are influenced by celebrities who have used drugs. Find Your Voice Don't give in to peer pressure.
Find your voice and stay strong! DRUGS mad or they think they are cool. But they are not! Drugs are not cool They can make you very sick.
Many drugs are illegal and you risk going to prison if you use them.
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